Jun 18, 2009


"So, do that mean you want Mandarin earn-jizz witchurs too?
Mandarin earn-jizz.
You see up dere in dat picture...in dat cup? Mandarin earn-jizz."

(Wendy's cashier...in Anita Baker (circa "Rapture") wig and tattooed eyebrows arched one fourth of an inch too high....to the tiny, elderly Indian couple in front of me.)


ayem8y said...

“M-a-n-d-a-r-i-n E-a-r-n J-i-z-z...I’m gone CUT’chu an yur Earn Jizz ass...”

MJ said...

Who amongst us has not drunk from the jizz cup?

Jill said...

Your overheard mangled conversations are my favorite posts!
My husband and I were at Luby's many years ago in Houston. An elderly couple (80's) were finished with dinner and gathering their belongings. The husband helped the wife with her coat and asked, "Are you well fed?".
Endearing and funny! Now my husband always asks me that after dinner.

jason said...

ah...that's pretty cute, Jill!

Salty Miss Jill said...

earn-jizz. heheh.

savannah said...

gotta love the south, sugar! bless her heart! xoxo

TJB said...

No freeLOADers here, no siree. Ya gotta EARN that jizz.