Jun 24, 2009

Four random things overheard today

"Here's my number. 75 right?"

Massive man in his late fifties, elastic jeans, black velcro shoes and dirty blue polo shirt: XXXL, on his mobility scooter....leeringly, to two very tan 18year old hustlers in day glo tee shirts and sunglasses.

Transacted as they
exited a matinee of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"

"Say 'daddy'! Say 'daddy'!"
An uncanny A-Rod-lookalike repeatedly to his infant son, while his
wife drowsily ate her fries. The baby never responded, but I almost did.

"You still on a diet?"
Cashier to 300 pound policeman in line before me.
"Yeah, I'm still fat. It's all right. Give me the 10 nugget meal and small vanilla Frosty."

"Jesus Freaking Christ!"

Me, as I touched the 104 degree steering wheel of my car.
Image shamelessly stolen from Jason who was there in the Target Parking lot at the same time, coincidentally.


mrpeenee said...

75? Is there a sale on rentboys?

And I'm not gloating or anything, honest, but here's a little news-you-can-use tidbit: 104 degrees is 30 degrees hotter than the high here today was. The ambient air in downtown San Francisco is probably cooler than the AC in Target was. I am so very, very sympathetic.

jason said...

30 degrees less?

Yeah, well...uhh....75 dollars will *still* get you a rentboy around here.

So there.

johnmichael said...

Sometimes the most randomly said things stick with you for days.

Muscato said...

Oh, honey - 104 is for pikers! Come on down to Oman for some real hot weather. I even think our hustlers are cheaper.

Jill said...

I've said it before...Love your eavesdropping!

MJ said...

Dykes on Bikes, Sluts on Scooters...

There's room for everyone.

ilduce said...

Thank you jason, I so needed this entire post!

Ur-spo said...

those nuggets sound nasty.