Jun 16, 2009

the blacker the berry, etc.

Picked the way we used to when I was a kid, along the barbed wire fence, in blinding heat, always on alert for snakes or the occasional rogue bull,
probably dusted with DDT.
But who cares.
Nothing much in this world tastes better.


mrpeenee said...

Oh how it takes me back. Turning your fingers purple. And I see you snagged a bunch of part-red ones, even though you know they're not ripe, just cause you can't pass them up.

ayem8y said...

After slaving away like a field hand you should have a Joan Collins moment eating berries in the tub sipping champagne.

Where’s Dex when you need a backrub and have your nails painted?

Michael Guy said...

er, did you say "SNAKES"???

but ooooooh...'Dex Dexter' from DYNASTY. What a fur rug that one was.

MJ said...

Did you encounter any trouser snakes on this occasion?

Elizabeth said...

Pick one, eat ten, repeat till you're sun blind and purple faced and fingered, and damn the dirt and ddt!

jason said...

Those are an endangered species around here, I'm afraid.

Elizabeth and peenee:
I know you understand.

Ayem8y and MG:
Thank you very much for launching me on a internet excursion of looking up photos of Dex Dexter.
Thank you very much.

Michael said...

MMM...looks quite tasty...Brings back a fond memory of a blackberry martini (or 3) on a warm night of a birthday in a bar in the Fauborg Marigny...or was it just a dream?

jason said...

ah..Michael, I think it had to be a dream....right?
Kind of like the night we all had those delicious Sazeracs at Delachaise.