Jun 10, 2009


A few months ago, looking to show a film in class, I realized that the public library didn't have a dvd version, nor could I find it even at the (soon to be extinct) video store, so I was absolutely forced to come into the 19th century and sign up for the ubiquitous Netflix.
Anything for my students.
I don't even own a dvd player at home, just my little laptop.

Anyway here are the films I've seen from them thus far, my "queue", as it were. The best thing about Netflix, if you ask me, is their use of this word.
But anyway can you identify them? (Yeah, I know, too easy, but play along. What else do you have to do?)

Yeah, not nearly as sexy as this makes it look, very slooooooooow....but very beautifully filmed. I've already forgotten half of the plot again already.

Always a crowd pleaser. Every time I watch it, I like this version less, however.

Hmmm....had hoped this would be better, but at least I got to look at the lovely Mr. Fiennes for a few hours.

I watched this twice, but it needs to be re watched a few more times, I think. What can I say, I'm kinda slow. Still, it's stayed with me since I've seen it. I especially loved this scene.

Prompted by Frontier Psychiatrist I just watched this last night. Not nearly as campy as it looks. But then maybe I just have a very high threshold for camp.
Could be.
The commentary was also delightful. I've just put it in the mail a few hours ago.

And this is what I've just put on my queue (Season 1 is the only one yet available).
And to my frustration it says: "Very Long Wait"
But I completely understand.


ayem8y said...

Hmmm...The first one is a stumper, Witness? Something oddly Kelly McGillis about that bonnet and nipple.

The second one looks like a Greek romance picture something like Troy.

Third one is my husband in Shakespeare in Love

Fourth is an art film that I have no idea what or who it's about.

Fifth is Angela not as campy for my taste either. But still a little jewel of a film especially for her costumes. I expected too much from this one.

Rhoda! I suspect that there is little bit of Rhoda in you Jason.

jason said...

Number 3: you better step back, sister!

Number last: aaaaahh
I have to forgive you.

The rest: who cares.

Ur-spo said...

I am annoyed with Netflix.
every time I propose something they tell me they do not have it. There must be a dozen films I want to see which they state aren't available.
It feels like Monty Python and the cheese shop sketch.

MJ said...

That baby is obviously gay!

mrpeenee said...

I'm with Ur-Spo, I've had Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown on my saved queue for a couple of years. How can they not have my favorite movie? I go in there every now and then to dust off the Saved Queue and glare at it, but it doesn't seem to help.

Miss Janey said...

Miss J guesses "Tess" as the first one...

Bummer about "Rhoda". Miss J was on a Mary Tyler Moore run for awhile... too fabulous. MTM as the straight & narrow career gal and Valeria Harper as teh bohemian BFF Rhoda. And of course, the magnificanr Cloris Leachman. Miss J suddenly has hte urge to get back to viewing those...

Marshall said...

Did you know you can add some code to your blog that will show your current Netflix queue or your current Netflix at home movies? Go to the Netflix home page, scroll all the way to the bottom, and click on RSS. I have my at home movies listed on my blog.