Jun 11, 2009

The top of my refrigerator

This is how I entertain myself on a week night.
So very sad.
Anyway, The Eiffel Tower and Empire State building are straight from Target, circa 2006. The little Arc de Triomphe, however, is a genuine article, from the 50s, found in the thrift store years ago. My prized Statue of Liberty cigarette lighter (with really cool flame from torch) is out of butane, unfortunately. I bought it the first time I went to NY.
The other things are toys. The Zeppelin and the airplane and car are all from my late uncle, some of his toys from the 30s that my aunt gave me before she died.
I used to rotate rural and urban, but am way too lazy to change them decided to use them as a statement on the hypocrisy of the Capitalist Patriarchy.


MJ said...

Except for the extremely cool zeppelin, we have a lot of the same stuff!

Farm animals, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel tower(s)..plural in my case.

mrpeenee said...

It's the dirty French dogs versus the good ol US of A chickens. Right on!

Elizabeth said...

Can I just say that you have the cleanest fridge top I have EVER seen! Even when mine's clean(ish), it's smudgy.

Kim Hambric said...

I'd love to get up there and play. Even pigs are flying! I like your little fridge world.

My fridge has something dead on top of it. Or behind it. Or maybe in it. It smells bad.

TJB said...

Random question, because this is how my mind works - how do those cute figurines stay in place when you slam the 'fridge door shut??

I'm just picturing chicks and geese and ducks scurryin'!

jason said...

Well, tjb, I don't quite know.
Maybe the sheer force of gravity from the vast amount of diet coke and ice cream I'm keeping in there holds them in place. I don't think an earthquake would dislodge them.

TJB said...

Vast amounts of Diet Coke and ice cream?

I am SO there.

larry said...

this is not sad! i like it!

Salty Miss Jill said...

A wee utopia, if you will.