Oct 30, 2011

recent acquisitions

Spelling book c.1880,
50 cents
Symphony Book fair

Missoni tray
Target bargain bin

Look Magazine April 1969
5 cents
Library Book fair

Cheese (um) diary (?)
Non-goth neighbor's trash

From Goth neighbor's trash

Italian serving fork from the turn of the century
My friend Sylvie's moving-home-to-France sale

Vampire dentures
Goth neighbor's trash

Oct 26, 2011

conversation, 8 p.m.

At the grocery store:

Me: "Excuse me, do you know where I'd find the Madeira?"

Clerk: "Madea?"

Oct 17, 2011

things I hate

1. Granite counter tops.

2.Holes in my socks.

3. The smell of fish.

4. The phone.

5. Laundry.
6. My 4 pm migraines.

7. Cigarette smoke.

8. The morning


10. Waiting.


Oct 14, 2011

thought for the day*

*We are the one percent.

Oct 3, 2011

thought for the day

New Years in....October

Last night, as I lay in a dead silent room (because the AC had finally given up the ghost) sometime around 9 pm or so....I heard a loud "bang!"
Someone being shot? Could be.

But then it came again and again and again...until I lost count.
I figured, unless it was a line of Uzis, probably not a gun.
(but you never know)

Finally rousing myself to the window I looked out and saw a beautiful display of fireworks, as if it were new years eve.


Finally it ended with an orgasm of fire and smoke,
and I went to bed and forgot about it.

This afternoon a friend mentioned on facebook that she'd seen it too.
She wrote that she'd heard it was part of GI JOE that's been filming in the neighborhood.
Makes sense.

Anyway, I'm sure it's the scene when Channing Tatum and The Rock have a long, lingering new years eve kiss before leaving for war, right?