Apr 22, 2012

Cause it's just not gay enough in here....

I couldn't help but pass this on...

John shared this with me the other night and I couldn't help performing it in my bedroom laughing.

I mean now that they've resurrected Tupac, it's just a matter of time before the bring out a hologram of Judy, right?
Hell, a hologram Liza too for that matter.

Apr 21, 2012

Things that actually exist

Seen and secretly wanted? recently
Orion: Country (@ Goodwill)
Still life with Nipples (@ consignment)
Important reminder (@ where else?)

WTF (@ Biglots)

"Cajun" Wineglasses (@ Rouses)

Camo Easter baskets (@ where else?)
Caesar-quoting "thugs" (@ Walmart)
Kenny Rogers poster (@ the Joint)
a pink pompom poodle (@ Gordon's)

Star of David sippy cups and Foo dog (@ Target)

Matinees for the gay homeless.  (I mean who else would be at a Wednesday matinee of "Oklahoma" but the homeless who live @ the public library?)

Apr 18, 2012

How to flirt

1.Remember, the eyes are the windows to the soul
2. Emphasize your best attributes
3. Show a little leg

4. Take a fashion risk
5. Have a clever conversation starter

Apr 15, 2012

Apr 14, 2012

a day in the quarters


New Orleans still life #1: crawfish heads with feather boa
New Orleans Still life # 2: panda decorated crack baggie...with crack still in it.

Wish I could have gotten a shot of the front and his magnificent fanny pack.  So do you. Sorry.
Why yes, it is a gay boy dressed as a lawn jockey.  God bless him.


A set of St. Sebastian plates at the yard sale.  "We eat meatloaf offa dem!" the gay gentleman owner squealed. Meatloaf off your martyrs.

The tiny Asian lady who won the FQ fest crawfish eating contest. She put the big male competitors to shame.  I bet she has no problem getting a date.

Apr 13, 2012

Pick your prince

1. Charming
2.Prinz Hans von DollarTree
3. le duc du Douche
4. Aurelius Tuinquius, princeps
5. Bonnie Prince Brucie
6. Prince Whitefeather Bigstick

7. Prince Sven Roydrage
8. le petit Prince de Chantilly

9. Baron von Hung und Hunk


                                                                 10. Rogers Nelson


Apr 9, 2012

random scary things from Target

The Justin Beiber singing toothbrush.(or is that "singeing"?)
When Oprah hugs Oprah (does the universe implode?)
Napkins for your next Twilight themed cocktail party
Why yes, it is a black girl....sitting on a pile of fruit....eating a bible. I'm glad you asked.

thought for the day

Easter with Peenee

This Easter was just lovely. The divine Mr. Peenee and his charming entourage (the wonderful Tim and Diane) came into town. On holy Saturday, while Jesus was harrowing hell, we had drinks at the "Friendly" bar.

 I fired up my hi-tech infrared night vision flip phone camera and took some scary photos:
No, this is not at the Smithsonian.  This is the  "pay phone", I guess if you're prissy and want a ride home *without* anal rape.
Club crackers. Actually, that'd be a good name for a bar, wouldn't it? The Cracker Club. I'm sure I'm too late.

Just a note of advice: never eat deviled eggs sitting out at a gay bar.

The next day as peenee jetted back to Texas, we caught a bit of Chris Owens' Easter parade, in which a mummified stripper entertainer celebrates the resurrection of our Lord  and savior her face by tossing out left over beads from Mardi Gras. It's an ancient tradition.

This guy had live chickens in a cage on his bonnet.
Show off.
Anal rapists, no doubt.
It's Mr. Peenee!      No, it's  just New Orleans' finest, Miss Owens herself.
(sorry peenee)

 Too bad you can't see her face.  (you're welcome)