Jun 22, 2003

What Have I Done?

10:30 pm - What have I done?
Jun 21, 2003

So tonight I went to dinner with Velinda and Sylvie...the (former) French teacher. Sylvie is leaving soon, to become a nanny... and to go to Amsterdam. We had sushi.....interrupted by much talk of panty liners, menopause, vaginal discharge, tampons, the French, and other unsavory things.

Somewhere on the ride there, Sylvie asked me to marry her, for citizenship....offered me 500 dollars even. She's currently in a manic stage of manic depression I think.

Once at dinner, we had sashimi....sushi....eel...as well as a whole raw fish which is filleted.
They serve the thing with the fish head staring at you....then they take the carcass fry it and one eats the head, bones, everything whole.
Dinner was surreal....but that was just the beginning.

Somehow or another 3 bottles of sake were consumed......I don't know how it happened.
After that we drove aimlessly around the city with very loud Light Rock blasting from Sylvie's SUV, nearly mowing down tourists on Canal St, listening to Sylvie tell about the lover everyone thinks she's murdered.... punctuated intermittently by Velinda's loud demands of me to "Change my Panty Liner, Jason... Change me! Hold me. Put me on your shoulders and let me ride!"....and periodically being pulled over by the police.

Anyway, somewhere along the night, I mention how much I've always wanted to travel, but never have had the time, money or anyone to go with. Sylvie, world traveller that she is, insists that I travel.
She can't go, because she'll be in Amsterdam, but she offers to find me a ticket price.

All I know is that within an hour, she has booked a flight for me to New York.....for 9 days....(9?!)
I leave on July 12....till July 21...where I'll be staying or how I will fund this I don't know. But I guess I'm going to NYC.