Feb 10, 2014

rainy day ideas....

which chapter would you turn to first?

Feb 8, 2014

Movie Review Haiku (part two)

Here are a few movies I've recently seen, randomly

American Hustle

1. review in haiku:

Disco wigs in love,
Abscam-era decolletage,
Somewhat kinda true.

2. best part:
Amy Adams....and her 70s cleavage.

3. worst part:

4. cute boy report:
Dreamy Jack Huston
(I refuse to consider Bradley Cooper to be "sexy"....sorry.  Though his perm was FLAWLESS, I have to admit.  It deserves an Oscar)

5. final grade:


August, Osage County

1. review in haiku:

Dysfunction, Oklahoma.

2. best part:

Meryl Streep talking shit like a champ.

3. Worst part:

That whole stupid "forbidden southern gothic romance" with "a twist" nonsense.

4.cute boy report:
 Julia Roberts?
(Just kidding).

No, it's obviously Ewan McGregor, looking like the hottest English Professor ever, y'all.

(oh my god.  never have I wanted to be a pair of khakis in my life)

5. final grade:


Kill Your Darlings

1. review in haiku:

Ginsberg (with hair) meets
Gay Poets Society.
Boring "decadence"

2. best part:

Harry Potter's perm

3. Worst part:


4.cute boy report:
 Little Daniel Radcliff is completely adorable.

5. final grade:



The Wolf of Wall Street

1. review in haiku:

Coked up Gatsby
Jonah Hill masturbating.
Nobody needs that.

2. best part:

This scene:

3. Worst part:
See haiku ^

4.cute boy report:

5. final grade:

Feb 6, 2014

happy St. Zsa Zsa day!

 (with special thanks to norma)
How are you celebrating, dahlink? 

Feb 5, 2014

Naked Centennial

Today is the 100th birthday of William S. Burroughs

I'm reminded of this fact, by the always fascinating site Band of Thebes, who give an overview of his queer-ness (is that a word?)

I've only read one of his books, I'm ashamed to say, the late The Western Lands, and didn't much take to it, and try as I might, I've never been able to get through Naked Lunch
 Maybe one day.
(but I doubt it)
Seems back in the late 40's he and his wife Joan (you know, the one he shot in the forehead playing "William Tell") moved to Algiers.  
Just a bit of time on the Westbank can do that to a person. Neal Cassady and Kerouac visited him here, so it seems. 
Anywho... on a lark, a few weeks ago I made something of a pilgrimage.  I drove down through the hood and out again....to find his former home. I'd long meant to, but never had gotten around to it, even as near as it is.

It's in a quiet, very off-the-beaten-path neighborhood in the suburbs, only a short distance from where I grew up, in fact.