May 29, 2013

thought for the day

So I just saw this on tumblr, and I had to wonder about what others thought of it.
What would you add? Disagree with? Agree with?
Just curious
from the (often infuriatingly precious) thoughtcatalog

just cuz

 One Love In My Lifetime

May 26, 2013

Still lifes of New Orleans

Popeyes Chicken with Wig

Syringe with Mardi Gras barricades
Crystal Palace Gin with Paper Bag

May 22, 2013

thought for the day...


so I just awoke...

from a nightmare dream in which Rose Marie was my waitress....
but dressed and made up in full on chola drag.

Whatever can it mean?

May 17, 2013

My New Summer Regimen

Just got back from our local symphony book fair (to which I've been going since I was a kid) and thank goodness, I found this.

Two dollars that is going to change my life!
 Just in time too.
 Lord knows I need her as my life coach.

Piggy will be helping me with her beauty tips

Providing mental health support

And, most importantly, giving me vital hairstyle advice.

May 6, 2013

just doing some grocery shopping....

Doritos and Cognac.
You know, typical Monday night.

get lucky...

Currently on constant rotation around my house.
Made with me in mind.

Simplicity Pattern Girl down there clearly agrees.