Nov 27, 2015

Corn holding

Looking though my pictures the other day, I realized that I'd (inexplicably) been taking photos of corn on the cob holders.  

My life is pretty exciting, I know.  
Try not to be too jealous, ok?   

Anyway, it struck me that they're probably a good guide to personality.
Which would you choose?  
 (I don't even own any.  I'd rather burn my fingers than waste that extra minute and a half trying to puncture the cob.  Read into that what you will.)

the classic (the sort we used to have when I was growing up)
The adventurous roleplayer

The overpriced European


The quintessentially American


Nov 25, 2015


Oh, hi.
It's just me.  It's been a while, sorry.
 Been working too much, caretaking for two count 'em two parents (ahem)
and, oh, nursing a vicious case of the post-breakup blues.
It's been exhausting.
I haven't had the energy to even post a single stupid picture. 

Meanwhile, thank you all out there...oh, and happy thanksgiving.