Apr 29, 2014

Is it June yet?

Why hi there!
 Yes, I am still alive....sorta. 
How about y'all?  

Where've I been, you ask? (ok, so maybe you don't)
Well, I've been working all too much....and being sick all too much....and being a little blue all too much too.

Oh, and for spring break I took a little trip to Cancun (by which I mean, of course, the hospital).

Yeah, like any good Victorian lady last week I clean passed out....and me without my smelling salts.... and had to be rushed to the ER. 
Not to brag, but I do have a flair for the dramatic.

A million tests later, no real cause was found for my vertigo, other than my near fatal blood pressure and the residual effects of the pneumonia I had had a while back.   I'm now quite doped up on a small fortune of medicines which aren't even that much fun.  But I'm alive, so there's that.