Mar 28, 2012

this week's shopping list


Salt and pepper



                                                               (And tacos)
                                                            (And a palace) 

(and sherbert)

Mar 21, 2012

Thought for the day


Overheard, 11 a.m.

Student, indignantly (looking at sign in sheet from previous class):
"Who in de world would name dair chile 'Duh Cootah'?
Dat's juss gross."

Her friend:
"Dat ain't no 'u'! It's a 'o'.  Girl, her name's *Dakota*."


Mar 19, 2012

just a song I've been


Country Club Stumped

I'm wracking my brain over here trying to think of dish to fit Marshall's monthly potluck competition. The theme chosen was "Country Club Food."

Who voted for this??
 Oh yeah, I guess I did. But mainly because I just hoped to come dressed as, oh....Dina Merrill?
(More likely to look like Ina Garten)
Anyway, I wasn't thinking.

Fact is, I don't know nothing 'bout no Country Club. I've certainly never eaten at one.
What do white people eat anyway? It's all rather mysterious. Club sandwiches? Arnold Palmers?

So any of you classy sorts ever eaten with the country club set? I suspect you have. What do wasps serve in their natural habitat? What's waspy and cheap good?

Speaking of potluck competition, here are a few of my past attempts:
My "The Many Faces of Michael Jackson cupcakes"(chocolate frosted white cupcakes)... for the "Dish that reminds you of a celebrity" competition.  It was a very last minute addition to my Madonna "Like a Vegan" Lasagna.

From the "School Cafeteria" competition. I made creamed spinach.
Most recently, for the "Dish that reminds you of a song" theme:  a "Raspberry Torte"

And now a word from our sponsor....

Here in "Hollywood South", we have top of the line ads. Here's one from my local Pawn Shop (or is that Porn?)

Mar 11, 2012

Seven random scary things seen

1. Over-lifesized monster in window (Bywater)
2. Four foot long tassles (Tuesday Morning)
3. Pocari Sweat (Hong Kong Market)
4. used toilet paper in can next to toilet (Hispanic grocery)
5. Gluten free Vodka (Target)
6. Flaming silk flower arrangement with screaming gold eagle in flight (Hong Kong market)
7. Tiny girl with monster rollers (Library)

Mar 8, 2012

Mar 4, 2012

Let's go shoe shopping....

where the gentleman of style shops  
next to Dollar General

Did you know that Cadillac made boots?
Eat your heart out Hermès.

 Note the embossed alligator head on the top.

Matching red suit and hat available next door.

And not to leave out the ladies (and/or gents of even more style):

The House of Dereon quilted gilt embossed vinyl pump. 
Beyonce has a new mouth to feed, I hear.