Jan 31, 2012

Jan 24, 2012

Fairy telling

Once upon a time, I read that your favorite fairy tale could reveal a lot about your personality.  Maybe it was from Bruno Bettelheim, maybe it was from an internet chain letter.
Who knows.

Mine has always been Rapunzel.
It takes no psychotherapist to figure out why.
I mean really.

Locked up in a tower by an over protective parental figure? 
Anyway, I always loved  how she didn't just wait for the Prince to make his way up to her.
Hell, she gave him a rope...even if it must have hurt her hair.
That's me, baby.  That's me.

So, what's yours?  

Jan 22, 2012

just cause

Stuff I didn't buy

..but wish I could.
When I'm bored and lonely I often find myself in a thrift store. I can't use/fit/afford what I see, but never let a bargain go unnoticed.
Anyway, here are some bad cell phone photos taken from various sources. You can almost smell the dust and urine, can't you?
lovely old Mardi Gras Indian costume


beautiful old desk at the Salvation Army

Old Stove
Cute little chair
Big honkin chair

freaky stuffed poodle

midcentury modern credenza 

Gouache portrait from India at Salvation Army

Barbie's cardboard dreamhouse

gorgeous/tacky lamps
redneck coatrack
Someone's light reading in the bathroom

Jan 15, 2012

Crime Report

"He wore movie-star-sized sunglasses, a tan scarf around his head and a winter coat on a warm day. But his motive Saturday morning was not high fashion, it was disguise.
At about 9:20 a.m., a man dressed as a woman walked into the Capital One bank at 3540 St. Charles Ave. and handed a teller a note demanding money, according to a news release from the FBI's New Orleans office."

via ladybunny via nola.com

Jan 6, 2012

in honor of twelfth night

Tonight was Twelfth Night, the official beginning of Carnival, and coincidentally (?), I happened to find this slender volume sitting forlornly on the shelf at the public library.
It was published in 1948 and is a treasure trove of beautiful illustrations. I had to share.

"a group starts out"

"the coach dogs"

"the queen of the carnival"

"exhausted merrymakers"

"maskers' prize competition"

"truck riders"

"the death masker"

"six o'clock"


"the zulu parade"

"negro maskers"

"female impersonator"

"the meeting of comus and rex"

Jan 4, 2012

signs seen today

"Customers"....I mean, if that's what you think you are.

ha. ha.
I once found a half eaten Big Mac combo meal on this very station.


"If you're going to ride my ass at least pull my hair"
Not cute.

thought for the day

I once got dizzy in a Burger King bathroom

A few days ago I had a wisdom tooth removed. It went surprisingly well, all things considered.
I ended up with three new pills to have to take with the other four I'm already taking. 
Every morning I feel like Judy, minus the cigs.

This afternoon, I decided to take one of the percocets.  I hadn't before,
but today the pain was mildly bad.
I got myself dressed and took a drive to the burbs to do some shopping.
I had a sudden desperate need for napkin rings.
Had to be the drugs.

On the way, I stopped off at Burger King, got in line....and
I started to feel dizzy. Dizzy and hot.  And clammy.  And dizzy...
did I mention dizzy?
I sat down....fanned myself like a black woman in church.... and tried to eat, but to no avail.

I threw my food in the garbage, managed to get myself in the car and drove (terrified) home. It was one long long trip.
I got home, threw up, collapsed in bed, and got up five hours later, feeling a bit better. 
Drove to the grocery...and got dizzy there again. Came home and ate some crackers and cheese and an apple and went back to sleep.  Now I'm up again from my nap at 2 am.  Feeling better thankfully.
But....that is one whole day wasted on one little Percocet.
I'm an embarrassment to Judy.

Jan 2, 2012

resolutions this year

lose weight

be less self conscious

have more fun

stop biting my nails.

read more.