Apr 30, 2013

New New Orleans News

These two news stories making the national news today seem to best encapsulate my charming hometown:

The Al Copeland Fried Chicken Memorial

"According to the Times-Picayune, the family's original proposal stated that the statue would be life-sized. It would feature Copeland holding a box of Popeyes Chicken. And a checkered racing flag. He would be standing in front of a speedboat. On top of a wishing well. On top of a pedestal. Surrounded by columns arranged in the style of an ancient Roman plaza."

"Lafreniere Park Advisory Board Chairman Ginger Crawford described the overall effect, captured by a concept artist in the illustration above (larger here), as “almost a Roman forum-type setting.” Imagine: Christians fighting lions for a piece of golden Popeyes chicken, marinated in Louisiana seasonings, then breaded in Popeyes uniquely Southern crispy coating. (Also, a speedboat.) For reasons unknown, the Lafreniere Park Board felt that the decadence and glamor of ancient Rome (plus speedboat) was “not in keeping with being complementary to the park and its master plan.”


This guy in Faubourg Marigny who *should* have a memorial built to him.

Apr 28, 2013

fuck cancer

So tomorrow John has surgery.

Here he is at his pre-surgery dance party, wearing his lucky Hello Kitty talisman (from Mexico)
and the fuck cancer decal off the "Fuck Cancer" cake I'd brought to him.

It's all very scary, but all things considered, he's keeping his spirits up amazingly well.

Anyway, if any of you can spare any positive energy for him tomorrow,
 it'd be much appreciated.

Apr 24, 2013

Stuff I need

A. to keep myself prompt

B. to light a fire
C. in case I die.

D. to practice looking plastic pretty

E. to cook for my GI Joe

F. to move into (once I evict that skank, Jeannie)

G. for those rainy days
H. To roll through the hood

I. in case my new lighter (B) does not work
J. to remember my life as a Sexpionage spy
K. To dress like the cool kids.

Apr 17, 2013

What I'm reading

This is the pile of reading material next to my bed currently.
Classy, huh?


Anyway, just because I'm cruel, here are three things you never really wanted to know:

From the super tacky, picture heavy Jackie Handbook (courtesy of the public library):
"Jackie and Ari were physically passionate at the start of their marriage, and Onassis used to boast openly about their sex life."
From the very boring OK Magazine (brought back by John from Merry Olde):
"Kate, who is pregnant with her first child, arrived at the gallery at 9 a.m. looking still slender in a burgundy Whistles dress that she has worn in public several times before."

From the completely fascinating smutfest   exposĂ©,  Full Service 
(also courtesy of the public library):

"There was an extremely goodlooking, well groomed fellow who loved to take it in the 'back door', meaning, of course, that he was the passive partner, or the bottom, in anal intercourse. Edward (the Duke of Windsor) was particularly fond of giving it to him that way while........"
(ok, so never mind)

Apr 12, 2013

Caption this

I got this in my mailbox this morning (the photo, not the outfit....sadly)
from my friend Carlos with the command "Caption this".
Unfortch, my mind is fried currently, so I put it to you good gentlefolk.

Apr 9, 2013

Three Random Food Posts Intriguing Me Now...


 Here's  a lady who says that thinking about Popeye's Chicken helps her achieve orgasm.
Preach, sister. Preach.

2.From my new favorite nonporn tumblr

An exciting example of "contemporary" cooking from 1973. 
Let's see those cowards on Chopped top this.

Apr 5, 2013

thought for the day...

happy St. Peenee's day! How will you celebrate?

(This is Gustavus Hadrianus, the houseboy I'm sending him as a gift. I put holes in the box and everything. I made sure he had big arms...to make up for such a small cake.)

Apr 2, 2013


Last night I dreamed that Joan Holloway was sitting in my class, in full Joan Holloway drag....but speaking like a black girl, drinking a big Orange Fanta, while I tried to define the word "erotic" which we'd just seen in the text.
Very unsuccessfully.

Apr 1, 2013

the cookie graveyard

Here are the (super gay) cookies I had baked for Easter.... which I'm about to toss in the trash...uneaten.
They tasted pretty great when I first made them,  but after three days on the counter the "sour cream frosting" has begun to taste like gin.  

thought for the day