Aug 31, 2013


Yesterday, 2 pm:

"Hey, why dey call it 'Labor Day' anyhow?  You know?"
 (One of my students asks her friend... dead earnestly)

"I mean is it for women that be pregnant or something?"

 (I didn't hear her friend's answer. I just hope it included an eye roll)

Aug 22, 2013

Bridal Style

The other day, while perusing the library stacks,
I found myself intrigued by this lovely tome of the 80s.

(um...don't ask)

These were the first two photos I saw upon opening the book.  Like an archaeologist, I took a photo and carefully replaced it for posterity's sake.
I hope I didn't disturb the Reagan era layer of dust on top too badly.

(I wonder what he wore at his second marriage, to Tom?)

Aug 17, 2013

don't you just hate...

When you're in Whole Foods and can't help but notice the dude in front of know the one in the cargo shorts and the baseball cap...with his muscular hairy legs....

Only to realize a few minutes later that she's buying gluten free muffins?

Still sexy though.
Can't even lie.

Aug 15, 2013

De Gorgeous!

Today is the fabulous Lady Miss Kier's birthday. Her fiftieth (!)
Busy as I am, I would feel remiss if I let it go by without celebrating somehow.
So, tonight I have wall-to-wall Deee-Lite rocking the kitchen as I do my dishes. Anyway, I've always thought she's never quite gotten the glory that's due to her.

And, as an extra added bonus, here is one of my favorite (not played often enough) Deee Lite tracks:

Thought for the day....

(story of my life)

Aug 8, 2013

"A Single Rose Can Be So Special"

What has Jason been reading, you ask?
(Oh, you didn't?
Too bad. I'm going to tell you anyway)

It's Jane Seymour's classic Guide to Romantic Living...which I found in a dusty corner of the library was wafted down by the cherubim into my hands

I've been taking romantic notes and doing my romantic homework. I'm going to be more romantic than you other motherfuckers if it kills me.

So why don't you join me in le Jardin de Max Factor:

I'll fetch you a crumpet.

Here is the cover, laminated for your protection.
Her first romantic paragraph.  

"Seductive Fantasy"   One of countless romantic photos of her.
"A Single Rose Can Be So Special"  
(apparently this picture was "so special" that someone stained the page.....circa 1988)

"Romantic Bath Time in Los Angeles."

"An Exotic Look"

                                                               My favorite passage

Now if you don't mind, I have a locket to finger while gazing moodily into the distance and smiling a tender tragic smile.

Aug 1, 2013

Praise Dalida!

Thank the heavens the satellite signal to Fabulon has been relocated,
the rabbit ears are freshly tinfoiled
and Thombeau is back on the air at his fabulous Redundant Variety Hour!

There's no way I can possibly choose just one clip to show you what to expect, but this one is a fave.

Do yourselves a favor and click the tab for "Italy"...or Florence Henderson...or both if you're kinky.