Jul 28, 2011

TJ Claxx

Just a few of the classy things I saw today at Maxx...
that I know you're wanting now too.

Thomas Kinkaid™ illuminated curio shadow box, in 3 d.

Valerie Bertinelli sheet set

Egyptian sarcophagus with Egyptian mummy pen, made of genuine Egyptian plastic.

The Disney Princess bat, to knock that Prince Charming asshole upside the head.

Cinderella's carriage in the parking lot

Jul 27, 2011

Jul 25, 2011

Signs around NO

Philosophical question (or is that a statement? hmmm?) in Faubourg St. John

Love threats in Bywater

Economic philosophy on Tchoupitoulas

Divine guardianship of the magical realm of the Westbank

Flagrant, shameless solicitation of prostitution in Terrytown

Tagging from Outer Space

Anti patriarchialism, but cute, in Faubourg St. John

Homoerotic anarchist propaganda in Bywater

Female and Ethnic empowerment this is totally like a nail salon, right? in Midcity.

Jul 19, 2011

in other scintillating news...

I'm off to the grocery. Here's my list:

Whipping cream

Toilet paper


Ice cream



Diet Coke

Jul 17, 2011

thought for the day


The Plastic Menagerie

Because nothing says class like a pair of rubber peacocks

Meet the two newest members of my rubber zoo, fresh from their flight from the wonderland that is Archie McPhee.

Whatever shall I name them? hmm

Jul 15, 2011

Sleepless (not ) in Seattle

So we're back.

In short, Seattle was wonderful....just amazing.
People in sweaters....in July. I don't think you heard me.
It's a wonderland up there.

Anyway, I've been on a plane for what seems like a few weeks, but here are some preliminary pictures.

But none of that Space Needle crap, though. Here are some better ones for you:

Poppies (?) blooming in the cracks on Capitol Hill.

Cha cha steps in bronze in the sidewalk, near our hotel.

Big aluminum pig selling pork sandwiches. Paradise!
Japanese hotdogs.

Chewing gum on wall

Some of the sticker art I stole from everywhere.

Caveman dancing with dumbells.

The presidential toilet on Air Force One (at the Museum of Flight).
La Toilette au Concorde (at the Museum of Flight). The French must have been tiny in the 1970s

Crepes on the street
Naked people on bikes on the street

Wigs on the street
Sticker art (making me a bit homesick)

Discovery Park: where the air smells like a lobster dinner

House we stumbled upon open for a yard sale, so of course we snooped around. Views of Mt. Rainier from the toilet, practically. Ridiculously beautiful.

Art: Leroy

Art: the Vargas (from a 1972 Playboy) I bought at the Pike Pl Market.

Art: wig in case

Jul 7, 2011

On our way....

to Seattle, that is, (sadly?) not 1962.
If you're reading this, I should be there by now...god willing.
Wish me luck!

Jul 1, 2011

six (questionable) celebrity sightings today

11 pm
The Golden girls (well, their autographs) at my friend's yard sale.
Photo...alas, not for sale.
(Perfectly understandable)
Not proud of it, but if she hadn't been a friend I would have seriously entertained the thought of stealing it. I didn't.
how dear a friend she is.

1:30 pm
Kyan Douglas, the lost forgotten member of Queer Eye for the Lost Forgotten Show, walking briskly past the window on Magazine St. while we had lunch. Thanks to Carlos' eagle eye, we spotted him...and took a looksee at his car.

3:30 pm
an ass even better looking than this staring me down in the Psychology section of Barnes and Noble. I mean seriously!
I almost asked for its autograph.