Oct 18, 2014

Let's take a drive to the Lake...

The lighthouse

My ship, not coming in

Shelter for Number 1

My ship STILL not coming in dammit

Shelter (for Number 2?)
Something you will not find at Shelters 1 or 2  (but after doing a shameless hairpin U-Turn you might manage to barely avoid killing yourself and snap a surreptitious picture of)

Oct 9, 2014

God speed, sweet Jan

I don't know about you all, but how I loved me some Jan Hooks! Truly saddened to hear about her passing today. I'd been wondering where she was just not long ago. Here's just one of my favorite characters of hers:

merry halloween-mas!

yes, it's that time of year again

Oct 3, 2014

À la recherche du porn perdu....

Sometimes, in my relentless pursuit of  porn    artistic images 
I stumble upon one that I remember all too vividly from that misty water-colored pubescent era, the time before porn. Ah memories....

 Here are a few that seared themselves into my little psyche.

Formative images, each one.  I'm sure you all have your own.
I remember this well, especially Mr. Burgundy Briefs there
And then there's this Cowboy, whose underwear looks to my adult eyes, like photoshop.  Was it painted on?

And well, gee, lookee here. Here he is again.  With a hat!
And then there's this. Oh, how often I dreamed of such a conversation to happen in my future! I mean, not enough to buy Paco Rabanne or anything, but still....
And then there's good old Jim here.  The most I ever probably cared about baseball...or dacron.