Mar 31, 2013

So which bunny filled your basket?

A. (for Angry)
B. (for Basket)

C. (for Cigarette)


 D. (for Doody)

E. (for Evil)
F. (for Fear)
G. (for Gee)

H. (for Hot)

Mar 27, 2013

cooking with Paul

hello dolly

Sometimes in my endless online wanderings I stumble upon a treasure trove like this site.
Think of it as Yelp, for sex dolls

"She-Male Doll
Love doll with strong breasts and realistic vibrating cock.
This doll came with lumpy breasts. The left boob deflated within a few minutes.
And frankly, the dong isn't very secure. You might want to buy a female love doll and a realistic dong with a suction cup bottom, because that's all he/she really is. This reporter feels betrayed."

"Virtually Marilyn Star
Apparently, someone thought four-color printing might make Marilyn here look a little more realistic and loveable.
Her breasts are described as luscious and squeezable, and she comes dressed in red and black lingerie.
Three openings, all of which vibrate.
What a beauty."

"Florence from The Jeffersons
We really are moving on up. Who could ever forget Marla Gibbs' laser sharp, tart-tongued sass mouth of a maid? Sometimes it seemed like she and Mr. J would never see eye to eye.
Enjoy fucking her face all you want during Nick at Nite.
Chocolate-colored inflatable plastic. Three openings. Does not perform housekeeping on the weekends."
(this last one, of course, is what hooked me in)

See the rest of his reviews here

Mar 24, 2013

Random, Scary, Recent

Still life: Monkey...on toilet....eating banana (@ consignment shop)
(Harry Potter and) the Secret Closet of Walker/Bedpans (@thrift store)
Knight riding octopus (@ craft store)
Marilyn Monroe Jack in the Box (@ consignment shop)

Emaciated lion (@ Seafood restaurant)
Taxidermied baboon (@ coke machine)

Eight feet of German Coke bottle (@ consignment shop)
Eight feet of silk flower arrangement (@ craft store)

Creepy porcelain foreskin vases (@Target)

Velveeta Lady (@  eye level over Italian restaurant's urinal)

Eight feet of pig lips

Mar 17, 2013

Erin go bragh

St. Patrick himself

                                                                 Traditional Irish Music

Irish lass dancing to the traditional Irish jig, "Superfreak"

Irish lasses

                                                      The traditional pink unicorns.
                                                                     Of course.
The mobile Irish Pub

thought for the day

Mar 11, 2013

I keep seeing this commercial...

over and over...and I have to say, despite myself, I like it.

Of course, they are pandering to my demographic (or something)...I'm not too proud to admit it.

I mean I don't like it enough to spend money on a Kindle or anything, but if there's ever a sale on gay husbands, hey, let me know.

Mar 4, 2013

The cute canon

Back when I was in school, I'd find myself gazing into Lord Byron's soulful eyes in my Lit book
and dreaming of being whisked off to Venice by him...and his kinky club foot.
Hot. are a few pictures of other cute boys who write...or something.
The ever beautiful Lord Byron
Papa (not Margaux) Hemingway

The hipster Ezra Pound

The elegant Mr. Hawthorne

The dreamy Mr. Rupert Brooke

Rough trade Kerouac

The dashing Dr. Chekhov

The dapper Mr. Mishima