Jul 12, 2010

parlor games

One of the many games played this weekend at the beach was improvised genius-ly by Marshall.
He seemed to come up with it out of nowhere. He ought to market it somehow.
His rules were thus: Each person writes a list of 10 celebrities (dead or alive) he or she would like "to have sex with." Put each name on a separate slip of paper. Then each person pulls a name and reads it to the audience. Each person guesses the person to whom the celebrity belongs. Whoever guesses the most wins. Someone has to man the computer to google the unfamiliar. There are inevitably the unfamiliar, but that's the best part.
Oh, and it helps to be drinking pina coladas in Styrofoam coffee cups.
That's the other best part.

It's actually surprisingly hard to make such a list. I mean what if you make a mistake?

Say, suddenly one night you find yourself face to...um...face...with Hugh Jackman. He's all ready to have hot dirty sex with you.....you look down at your list but you've forgotten to write his name.

Anyway, after much deliberation, for number one I listed Marlon Brando:

Can you believe no one else put him down? I couldn't. I mean really, come on people!

Some were so patently mine (i.e. good old Tom here)
as to be like the center square of bingo. Not much fun, but hey, you gotta be honest, right?

The same was true with all of us. If you know people well enough you know their pet celebrities.
The more interesting were the ones you'd never known.

Just to keep things lively I put two porn stars: (the adorable Colby Keller,

and the just plain hot Arpad Miklos). By the reaction, you'd have thought I was the only one who watches porn.
So sue me.

The rest of my list I can't quite much remember. Maybe it was the "pina co-lattes", as Julie named them. Ewan, was in there, that much I know....but the rest are a blur. I may need to keep updating my list, screw my resume.

Anyway, this is just a long excuse to post some gratuitous pictures and ask you all to try. Which ten celebrities would you pick?

See, it ain't that easy.


ricola said...

I support your choices. Wholeheartedly.

Michael Rivers said...

I really like your choices! I should make a list of my own.

ayeM8y said...

Let’s see...

1. Melvyn Douglass
2. Walter Pigeon
3. Rod Taylor
4. Daniel Craig
5. Shemar Moore
6. Al Parker
7. Errol Flynn
8. Bruce Willis
9. Hugh Jackman
10. Gary Cooper

Everybody would know which ones I would do. The older they are the better. But I do like some of the younger ones but the more Daddy they are the better chance of ending up a notch on my bed post.

mrpeenee said...

a) thank you for introducing me to Colby Keller

b) Rod Taylor is MINE, dirty pirate bitch. Everyone knows that.

Aside from that, mine are mostly dead porn stars, which is sort of creepy, but that's how it rolls.

Mike Betts
Rick Wolfmeier
Mark Wolfe (not dead yet)
That smooth guy in"Playing with the Monster"
Mike Timber (is he dead?)
Steve Fox (definitely dead)
Doug Perry
Matthew Rush (not dead, but I'm only talking about the original version, not the bloated, pumpkin orange one now)
van Darkholme (those titties!)
Arpad Miklos, because once again, Jeisean and I are soul sisters.

jason said...

someone plays along.
Now if you don't mind me, I'll be off to google "hot sexy Melvyn Douglas"

ayeM8y said...

Peenee I'll trade you Rod Taylor for Rick Wolfmeier.

mrpeenee said...

Done, but it has to be the Birds era or earlier.

BrooksNYC said...

Great new header, Jason!

Didn't expect this to be so challenging:

James Franco
Joseph Fiennes
Christian Bale
Joe Dallesandro
Eric Manchester
Paul Rudd
Justin Timberlake
William Baldwin
James Dean

James Franco is my current #1. The others are listed in no particular order.

Dallesandro at his peak still slays me.

Eric Manchester was an '80s porn star:
http://ericmanchester.info/gallery1.html (NSFW)

Justin Timberlake was totally off my radar until I passed him on the street. Most celebrities look smaller in real life, but Timberlake is over six feet tall and carries himself like an athlete or a dancer.

jason said...

Peenee: There's enough Arpad for both of us. And a bit extra for Mean dirty. Don't worry.
Now I have to do a bit of a googling of "Wolfmeier". I'm hoping he's a nice jewish boy.

Brooks! Oh, *now* you're talking.
Franco was on my list too...and got roundly "poo pooed" Can you believe it??? Crazy people!
Anyway, more for me, right? And now I'm kicking myself for forgetting Joseph Fiennes, and Rudd and Little Joe too.
Your taste in men is as good as it is in food.

David Toms said...

J, Love the new header!
Not is any particular order.

Looks Like I am laying claim to

Paul Newman (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Days)

Burt Lancaster (that should have been me on that beach and NOT Ms Kerr)

Dean Flynn (instead of Arpad)

Barry Bostick (ca 1975 (google him)

The new Old Spice Man

Ron Ely ( Loin cloth and all)

Burt Ward aka Dick Grason aka Robin (Capes masks and briefs do something for me)

Tom Ford

Tom Katt (before he went all born again)

Ian Roberts (Google him also, rugby has something to do with it)

Jill said...

Oh Tom Ford...Ten of him, please!!

David Tom's New Old Spice Man made me laugh.

Love Love Love the new header!

hayward said...

So many good ones already noted. Here are just a few.

1. Ryan Reynolds
2. Steve Sanvoss
3. Jim Cantore (during extreme weather)
4. a younger Alec Baldwin
5. Julian Sands (specifically as part of the scene in Room with a View)
6. Colton Ford
7. Eric Balfour
8. young Paul Newman
9. Dennis Quaid
10. A 3-way with Carter Oosterhouse and Ahmed Hassan (after they fix my leaky roof)

Miss Janey said...

Miss J heartily agrees with Brando. "Streetcar" Brando, btw. 1980s Brando used to shop in an art store where Miss J worked and she will pass on him.

Daniel Craig
James Franco
Paul Rudd
Burt Lancaster
Paul Newman
Justin Timberlake - so nice to know he's tall.
Matt Bomer... he's the dreamboat on "White Collar".

hayward said...

That would be Sandvoss.

I do adore the header!!

Silly Monkey said...

Jason, I think you won the "most dead people" category, didn't you?

FelixInHollywood said...

The great thing about arriving late to the game is the inspiration you get from the other players! I also feel that I need to represent the 'I likes em young and I likes em pretty' crowd.

Let me get the live ones out of the way first:

James Franco

Now for the dead ones: (all noted below, it should be understood, would be in their younger years)

Cary Grant
Gary Cooper
Phillips Holmes
Tyrone Power
Frankie Darro
Rudolph Valentino

and these last three because when not in costume they were hot. and I like a good laugh:

Charlie Chaplin
Buster Keaton
Harold Lloyd

That's the Actor List.

Next time we play I'll come up with either a Musicians list or a dead pornstar list.

FelixInHollywood said...

Oh hell, how did I forget Matt Dillon!

TJB said...

Off the top of my head...

Peter Krause
Dermot Mulroney
Guy Madison*
Rory Calhoun*
Brian Bloom
Dennis Quaid
Joel McHale
Perry King
Treat Williams
Aidan Quinn

* preferably together

Marshall said...

Thanks for the shout out. I love creating those games.

For the record, here's my list from this weekend, in order from #1 down:
James Duval
Ryan Phillippe
River Phoenix
Kevin Zegers
Peter Facinelli
James Marsden
Kal Penn
Sal Mineo
Ian Somerhalder
Rafael Nadal

Jill said...

I should pick someone I might have half a chance with...Dwayne Johnson! 10 times of him, please.

Jim said...

I can't have sex with dead celebrities. That would creep me out.

Off the top of my head, here's my top ten before I start drinking peeny-colonics:

Robbie Williams
George Michael
Christopher Atkins
Ricky Martin
David Beckham
Zac Effron
Taylor Lautner (as soon as he's old enough)
George Cloony
Cheyenne Jackson
Marc Jacobs (because you all took Tom Ford already)