Jul 7, 2010

focus on the beauty

Tomorrow we (Marshall, Carlos, Jason, Julie, Debbie, Brandon and I) will be headed out to the snow white (?) sands of Florida.

Do you have those kinds of friends who are always taking pictures of you and then posting them for everyone to see? I'm sure you do.
A few years ago on one such trip, Jason took a photo of me in the pool. He liked my hat or something. Can you imagine? I think I've had nightmares involving that exact scenario.

Anyway, thanks to the miracle of cropping, no one needs to be subjected to that horror.
(yeah, that's me in the bottom corner. alas)

Instead, you get to be treated to something much better:

I don't think Jason even noticed that he'd also gotten a photo of this guy. Umm...I did.

If I remember correctly, there was a heated discussion (ok, on my part) in the pool as to whether he was "that way" or not, within, oh, 10 feet of his feet. I'd had a few daiquiris, what the hell.

Anyway, he could have bathed his manly feet in any of the three pools there, thank you very much, why ours? A consensus was never quite reached on the matter. But the gal he was with was really kinda ugly clearly not his girlfriend, if you know what I mean.

Anyway I figure the picture's a reminder that, oil slick or no oil slick, there's always something fun to do at the beach, right?


mrpeenee said...

Bon voyage darling. Oil slicks and other Gulf disasters are why God invented swimming pools.

hayward said...

Enjoy! Stay away from anyone in the pool who might be a dancer. They're pretty to look at but it's a Dirty Dancing moment waiting to happen.

I love the hat!

savannah said...

have a blast, sugar! ;~) xoxoxo

Jill said...

Always! Fun at the Beach.

Send me a pic from your trip. I promise not to post it...your so shy!

Miss Janey said...

Which beach will The Bitches be hitting?

normadesmond said...

a little oil is always a good thing.

ayeM8y said...

I’ve been ‘focusing on the beauty’ for an hour now! Is something supposed to happen?

I should be in that area Saturday and all next week. Hope we can get together.

Silly Monkey said...

Not only do I not remember that guy being in the shot when I took it, I don't remember him being in the shot EVER, even after posting it. LOL. Are you sure you didn't Photoshop him in? I must have been so in love with your hat, nothing else could compare. ;)

Anonymous said...

Damn, that millimeter of neck skin is HOT.