Jul 17, 2010


I tried sooooo hard today to pay attention to Inception...I really did...but I just couldn't.
I think I'm too stupid for plots.

I'm sure it's as wonderful a movie as I keep reading it is. I'm sure it's all very byzantine and clever, but I'm easily confused. I get a migraine just doing sudoku.
Maybe there's a CliffsNotes I could read?

Thankfully there were cute men to distract me. I mean, you can keep Mr. DiCaprio thankyouverymuch, but the adorable Joseph Gordon-Something-I-can-never-remember and Ken Watanabe were nice. But it still couldn't get my interest, no matter how hard I tried.

This (below), however, got my attention every time he showed up on the screen.
Yes indeed.

His name is Tom Hardy, it seems, and I've seen him in a few other films. I knew he looked familiar.

So thanks to Tom there I didn't fall asleep in the theater and have a dream-within-a-dream- within-a-dream and have someone steal my dreams and Marion Cotillard didn't show up to kill everyone and what have you.
So thanks again, Tom.


ayeM8y said...

I hate Leonardo. I mean he looks like a nine year old fetus.

That is a picture of the same person? The child and the older bald man? Same Person?

Not Marion Cotillard?

I’m confused.

I hate this movie already.

Hate Hate Hate



larry said...

iguess i will skip this one after your review. sounds like i wouldn't like it either. and leonardo? can't stand him!!!!

Jill said...

Is that the same person? He looks so much better in the last single picture.

Mean Dirty Pirate is on a roll!

Michael Guy said...

A 90-year old lady in my building (with Korean companion in tow) asked me if I was "movie person" in the elevator yesterday. I said "yes" and she followed with:

"Don't see that 'Inception' film; too damn loud!"

Now with your insight I will avoid it completely.

I'm on the fence with DiCaprio as well; I think a gang-rape might actually help his career.

jason said...

It is the same person, actually.
He looks different in the film too...a bit older. he was hot young, hotter old.

*And* a British accent!

govtdrone said...

I saw the movie he was in where he was the bald dude. It is called "Bronson" and it is very, very weird yet good: http://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/Bronson/70113944?trkid=438403

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I'm probably going to take myself to see this movie tonight.

Joseph Gordon-(Levitt) always can get my interest.

And I once saw a picture of Tom Hardy in Interview and I fell in love even though I'd never seen him in anything. Now I finally can!

Also, I've been straight-crushing on Marion Cotillard recently. Sorry.

Stephen said...

The long hallways of my dreamworld have been haunted by Marion Cotillard since I viewed the film version of NINE last Christmas. Scary.