Jul 19, 2010


The other day, wasting time to see a movie, I walked into the quarter for an hour or so and took some pictures. I like to pretend to be a tourist sometimes....get some beads, put on a fanny pack. I'm trying to master my Japanese accent to make the illusion complete.

Anyway, I filed them under "FQ" and, while there, noticed a few others that had been languishing there forever. The last two are by my friend Jason, (who's a professional) a while back. These are two I asked him for, since I didn't have a camera then.
Anyway in the interest of summer cleaning, I thought I'd post them.
Just turn the heat up to 110, get a humidifier and a backed up toilet and you can imagine you're in New Orleans too!

The Window at Central Grocery

Andrew J. battling the evil British invaders

From the parking garage

Gal playing the banjo. I love this picture.

Hipsters in a rickshaw...with a chicken. (you can't see the chicken in this shot. sorry, but it was a live hen, not a box of Popeyes. )


normadesmond said...

i wouldn't last 10 minutes down there. right now, i'm frigid in my meat locker of a basement, comfy, cozy.

Marshall said...

All good looking pics. My favorite is "From the parking garage". Is that yours or the other Jason's?

jason said...

oh, that one's mine. It's the worst one of the bunch I thought.
Jason has some really great ones, however....from what was that? FQFest? Can't remember.

Jill said...

The photo from the parking garage doesn't look real...the sky is beautiful.

Fanny pack in Scotland means an altogether different thing. A Scottish lass informed me several years ago.

Silly Monkey said...

I agree with Marshall. I love the colors in the one from the parking lot.

You actually CAN see the chicken in the rickshaw. It's right below the guy's right forearm.