Jul 13, 2010

a plague of parrots

As you can see, the condo in which we stayed was very summery. Nothing screams "Summer fun" like blood red walls and iron crucifixes, right?
Making it even more festive was a jungle of dusty fake foliage, swarming with monkeys, parrots and turtles (?).

Magic Eye Curtains in the living room. If you stare at it long enough you can see Satan riding one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse....and a unicorn.

Reading material in the master suite, decoratively propped between two monkey-reading-a book bookends. Note the Walmart stickers.

Stain on master bed. I'm thinking someone got a bit too excited reading The Preacher's Wife and had an "accident".

One of the three blenders corpses. We killed two in two days. R.I.P.

Turtle on a swing. Hanging over toilet. Imagine walking in to this at 4 am

More turtles, a veritable tower of turtles. I gave up counting the turtles and monkeys. The birds (28) and mirrors (14), however, I did.

Growth on wall.

Monkey playing piano while his brothers read Lonestar Cinderella. I wonder what he's playing?

Decapitated parrots in kitchen. Four of the 28 birds in the condo. Twenty nine if you count the towel swan.


Michael Guy said...


I'm going to practice that 'swan towel' for special guests. Which means I have a few years to get really good at it...

JESUS CRIPES! That decor screams for John Waters.

ayeM8y said...

I decorated that place! Now my feelings are hurt.

I love it when people by a condo then head to Kirkland’s Home and get resin monkeys and parrots to put out. Nice swan though. Wish I could have been there. When I stay in a condo I bring a hammer and nails and redo the place. It’s my little way of saying thank you. Then I steal the appliances.

Anonymous said...

I am so afraid of North America....

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Was this place on wheels? In a "park"? Was it double "wide"?

Margaret said...

Are you on antibiotics now?

Jill said...

jesus!...where the hell did you go! I hope you didn't stay long...

Dean Grey said...


I hope you got a really good discount to stay there.

Love the red walls, hate everything else!


Julie said...

Absolutely birdiful.

That tower of turtles reminded me of the opening passage of Stephen Hawking's 'A Brief History of Time'. It's an anecdote of an old lady who, after hearing an astronomy lecture by a famous scientist, approaches him and says that he's all wrong - the earth is actually a flat plane resting on the back of a huge tortoise. The scientist asks her what the tortoise is standing on, then, and she replies, 'It's turtles all the way down.'

It's turtles all the way down.