Jul 25, 2010

Four things seen this morning

1. A fully naked man (except for shoes and brown socks) upstairs at Lafitte's. Michael, Vincent and I clearly must have walked right past him. All three of us must have brushed up against his ass on the way to the bar, but not a one of us noticed until we were about to leave. None of us.
He was casually chatting with some girls.
Vincent: "There's a naked man there."
Me: "Oh, you're right. He is."

2. Dashing older man in the middle of the bar drunkenly trying to button up a crisp striped dress shirt and fumbling to tie a tie....over an ascot. Or was that a tourniquet? Hard to tell.
The tie ended up being about a foot too short.

3. Not so dashing older man dressing in the street, barely managing to put on his shirt before falling into The Clover Grill.

4. A tranny hooker and her hunky young bodyguard(?)(dressed in a harness). Imagine Dr. Zira in a leather mini skirt so short you could see her balls. Dr. Zira was
directing traffic, waving her fan, and taking photos with tourists in the middle of St. Ann St. But you knew that already, right?


Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Now that I have to wear a tie for work and leave myself about 45 seconds to get dressed before I leave, the length of the tie varies some 3-5 inches. I like to think my blase attitude helps me carry it off. I take the heroine from The Bell Jar as my inspiration (bad choice, probably).

"If you do something incorrect at table with a certain arrogance, as if you knew perfectly well you were doing it properly, you can get away with it and nobody will think you are bad-mannered or poorly brought up. They will think you are original and very witty."

normadesmond said...

my oh my, the places you and the things you see!

David Toms said...

I want to go out with you! I remember once seeing a naked man at Pride, and we were all captivated with the amount of piercings he had in certain places and the size of certain things. It was only when he passed us a second time that we all noticed he only had one arm!

Salty Miss Jill said...

My dad and new mummy were in your fair city last weekend, but they didn't mention any of this.

Margaret said...

The hanging gardens of Nola, such a tacky, tourist-y thing.

"One arm"? Code for..?

ayeM8y said...

So it was just an average night at Lafitte's huh?

I can't wait to see you at Decadence.

I'll be naked in a harness in the street.

Oh wait that's everybody.

Never mind.

Miss Janey said...

The tie in #2 is the perfect length for a film noir character. Miss J has no explanation for any of teh rest of it.

ilduce said...

I generally find that there is an inverse ratio as to the willingness of folks to be naked and whether you really want to see them folks naked. Since there's no mention of how good looking this man was I assume there was nothing to mention in that area.

Brown socks???

Michael Guy said...

I've never visited NOLA; all that local color sounds quite intoxicating. And by 'intoxicating' I mean in that DIVINE 'girl-can't-help-it way...

Anonymous said...

why are people awake in the morning?

ricola said...

Stop making me miss NOLa more than I already do.