Jan 26, 2013

shopping safari

Ornaments for your next Mermen themed Christmas  (@ French quarter)
The official American ™ dolphin t-shirt.....for when you need to take a stand against the  illegal dolphin immigration that's ruining this great country of ours! (@ Walmart)
Obesity Tea for when you need to  diarrhea  diet (@ Latin Market)

Literature...for when you want to learn to be gay  (@ the homosexual aisle of Dollar Tree)
The pocket hose, for when you want a hose...in your pocket (@  Target)
Jane Russell cd for when you want to be "pampered" (@ the adult diaper section of Big Lots)


Princess said...

You have such an eye for a good bargain darling....

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Those December Diamonds mermen are pricy. We have one, but we don't dare leave them on the tree - too heavy.

normadesmond said...

i'm reminded of flipping thru an old
sears catalog....i want one of everything!

Jon said...

I love going shopping with you, sweetie... Jx

Salty Miss Jill said...

My father went to New Orleans and brought back one of those mermen for my sister. I wish he would have brought me that Jane Russell CD.