Jan 21, 2013

House Hunters, Accidental

Yesterday, on a routine trip to Target, I got trapped by a Mardi gras parade.

They spring up around this time of the year when you least suspect them...and then
you find yourself trapped in traffic for hours.
Anyway, on my circuitous route out, I found myself deep in subdivisions I've never traveled. Spooky.

So, to keep myself occupied...I took some (bad) flip phone photo:

First up is this (now sadly rundown) beauty from the 70s.  Soaring vaulted ceilings, clad in weathered cypress.

The most amazing thing...the thing that made me literally turn the car around and take this photo, however....were the three story high full length vintage macrame drapes.  Macrame, people! Amazing.
Less showy was this (rather run down)  beauty from the early sixties. It looked like a plane ready to take off.

Also looking like it's just about to take off is this house.  Their car will NOT flood again, dammit.
Meanwhile, in a VERY different subdivision, a little bit of Jamaica 


normadesmond said...

imagine....and no visa needed!

Anonymous said...

I dare you to shake those macrame curtains without a dust mask.

Raina Cox said...

Nothing makes me happier than angular 70s architecture.

Except maybe naked Eric Bana serving me eclairs.

designing wally said...

I'd love to knock on that door & ask if I could see the macrame up close...

She's likely very proud of them!

Andrea said...

Omg. You know those macrame drapes are freaking me out! I need to see(own?)this house! Where ever is it?

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

The macramé is creeping me out.

mrpeenee said...

Parades. You can't live with 'em, you can't live without 'em.

Marshall said...

Sunday, I got lost on W. Esplanade near Transcontinental on the way to a lunch party, and passed right by the second to last house. I remember it because I was thinking the ramp on the right was in the place of steps. (There wasn't a car there.) Coming back, there was a car and I saw the real purpose.