Jan 15, 2013

shopping safari (ugly furniture edition)

First off, we need a few chairs.
Hmmm...let's see, which will it be?
1.the extra tall goth faux snakeskin?
2.or maybe the  hot pink latex set?

3. Or maybe the "Yes We Can" Sit on Obama's face /Homage to Democracy?

 Now for a sofa. Which should it be?
4. The faux leather "Tuscan" style with "brocade" accents?
5. or the brown polyester velvet behemoth with extra pillows?

 Lastly, no room is complete without a bit of art over the sofa:

6. "Old Woman Battling Giant Rabbit for Carrot"
7. or 'Adam and Eve in 'Avatar on Ice'"?


normadesmond said...

and your a decorator too,
i shoulda known.

Muhammad Amjad said...

Its not ugly furniture yet it is so funny and look able.
Hotel furniture

mrpeenee said...

I vote for the "Washed out by Katrina and now for sale at Thrift Center" look.

Ms.Charlotta Sheer said...

ohh gosh I rather like them - the faux goth throne is fab!!!!!

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

My mother (and Joan Crawford) were both ones for vinyl upholstery. Just clean it with some Murphy's Oil Soap and its fresh as a daisy. Cancer killed them both. Just saying.

Raina Cox said...

Both sofas define the "Denver look."


mistress maddie said...

I adore your shopping safaris! I have to admit, the first chair has promise. I found a simlar chair for a friend of mine, and recovered it in a crushed camel velvet, turned out stunning. Could you have that one shipped to me?

Diane said...

"avatar on ice" just made me snort. And the pink vinyl numbers look right up Peenee's alley . . .

Ur-spo said...

how can you pass up pink chairs?

Anonymous said...

you find the best, best stuff. how can you resist?