Jan 28, 2013

A Royal Affair

This weekend, I took in a matinee of a lovely Danish movie called En Kongelig Affære.
It's all about Danish history.

In Danish.

It was good enough. A compelling story with adequate acting. But I'll watch anything with a costume, so there I was.

 I was by far the youngest soul in the audience.

Their collective (audible) disapproval could be heard the first moment a subtitle came up.
  They had no clue. "Oh good god, I can't see all that!" the 80 year old harrumphed in front of me to her home health nurse. And then fumbled in her pocketbook for her glasses.
  "Why can't they just speak English?"
  Then her Jitterbug went off...and she answered it. (In English.)

A few seats to my right sat the Queen of Carnival, 1949 (or so I imagine),
She was holding court, kissing the cheeks of all those who recognized her.

She was a well coiffed patrician woman in a well made pantsuit...(complete with her Queen of Carnival pin)...and a well made nose. She had a very obvious, old school nose job, with tiny pinched, upturned nostrils. Perky, like Doris Day.

 Anyway, this is not a post about nose jobs...or old ladies...or movies.

It's about cute men. So let's get to the point, shall we?
This is Madds Mikkelsen.
He's Danish.
He plays the Rousseauian doctor with whom the queen has her affair.
Did I mention he's hot?

Of course, once home, I promptly googled up pictures of him shirtless...and old school nose jobs.
I'll spare you the latter.
Voila! (or however you say that in Danish)

You're welcome.


mrpeenee said...

But I thought you were the Queen of Carnival.

jason said...

No, sadly they wouldn't let me in.

My nose was too big.

mrpeenee said...

O dear god, here's last year's frump: http://www.nola.com/mardigras/index.ssf/2012/02/mardi_gras_2012s_queen_of_carn.html

You would have been so very much better. Doesn't this bitch have any gay friends who can talk to her, firmly, about the Horrors of Split Ends?

Princess said...

Didn't he play Daniel Craig's Bond Arch enemy in "Casino Royale"... Le Shiffe? Getting off... er I mean... torturing Bond by whacking him in the nuts with a heavy knotted rope while he was tied naked to a chair with the seat cut out? Or wa that just my fantasy?

designing wally said...

I'd have him over & stay for a continental breakfast...

Anonymous said...

LOVED this movie. Should win Best Foreign Film Oscar, but probably won't. And Mads was of course in Casino Royale.

Ur-spo said...

Oh I love the Danes - hard to imagine though they are descended from the Vikings.

Salty Miss Jill said...

I tried to teach myself Danish years ago, because I thought Danish guys were hot, and for no other reason. True story.