Jan 14, 2013

And the answer to...

who is our favorite financial advisor/born again football father is
none other than "John Pruitt".
Oh, what?

You mean you weren't obsessively scouring the internet for porn in the early 2000s, waiting ever so patiently for your dial up modem to download the image, centimeter by painful centimeter....
only to stop just before the goods?  
(Much just like I've had to criminally crop that last photo?)

Well I guess then you had a life.
Lucky you.
This is for the rest of us then:


normadesmond said...

why not deem this a no-crop zone?

mrpeenee said...

John Pruitt! One of my all time faves and still looking mighty fine

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Wait. I'm confused. Did Father or son play football? And does the father have hubcap sized nipples like the son? Do you photos of the father and son locked in an incestuous coupling?

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Ok, not confused. In typical Cookie fashion, my eyes misread what you originally wrote. So his is what thirty years does to a porn legend. Wow. I'd still grove n his nipples.