Jan 7, 2013

Answers (if you haven't already guessed)

F Scott Fitzgerald (aka "The Prettiest Girl in the World")

My beloved Edie
Uri Geller, renowned spoon bender

Omar Sharif Jr. (Senior is pictured here)
thank you for playing!


normadesmond said...

i'm sorry, i must've been in one of my fogs
(i have many) and didn't realize it was a game.

may i still ante?

Raina Cox said...

I have a photo of my great grandfather in drag. I need to dig it out.

Actually given the Laura Ingalls Wilder look, Prairie Drag would be more apt.

jason said...

oh you totally do, Raina!
Prairie Drag needs to make a comeback. I have a feeling it was very popular in mining communities of the Wild West.

jason said...

And ante away, Miss Norma.

GlenH said...

I grew up in a remote Australian mining town in the 70s, early 80s and drag BBQs were a popular night for all the family...Not so much Prairie Drag as Fucking Terrifying Mining Town Drag.

Anonymous said...

although Edie and Uri are switched in the lineup. Or maybe, just maybe, at birth.