Mar 1, 2010


So the other day, I checked my email to find this lovely little message:

Valerie Harper (ValerieHarper) is now following your tweets on Twitter

How cool is that!?

Seems she's even following more people than are following her. Unheard of.

I mean Barack Obama, Martha Stewart, Dame Elizabeth (whom I had to detweet for spamming me about that whole Michael Jackson nonsense) never started following me.
But Val has.
I'm humbled.

So now Rhoda herself is now going to know when I'm pissed off about Mr. Jones stinking up the men's room at work again.
So cool.

"Val" (that's what her her, you know) posts regularly, mainly about her current production, a one woman show about Tallulah Bankhead...complete with pictures.

Seems her friend "Mare" (refer to above) visited her backstage the other day, so she tweeted a photo:


But seriously, doesn't Val look fabulous?

Ironic, huh, I mean after a lifetime of watching MTM.....hearing her go on and on about not being "the pretty one".

Let that be for us all...or something.


Michael Rivers said...

Great new header. Love the Mary and Valerie photo!

ayem8y said...

Saw Rhoda the other night on Joy Behar and she couldn't have been more lovely or gracious. I suppose the whole 'crazy' reputation has blown over.

She looked good...I wonder who does her work? Could you tweet her and find out for me...I mean for a friend?

Silly Monkey said...

She looks great!

mrpeenee said...

I am so officially jealous. All I ever get are spammers writing in Japanese.

The header. so very, very cool.

Dean Grey said...


Clearly the flash was on when that photo was taken and just washed out their faces too much.

That's my theory anyway and I'm sticking to it!


Michael Guy said...

Cool header template!

What the f*ck happened to MTM? She looks like a crypt keeper!

Jill said...

Love the new header...I just opened a twitter account and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it.

Michael Mattison said...

Jason -- I LOVE posts about TV series from the 70s and early 80s. Talk about childhood memories! Even if I wasn't always directly following this or that given series, the theme music alone of shows like "Mary Tyler Moore" or "Silver Spoons" are just so ingrained in your head for forever, aren't they?
Very happy for you regarding Val.
(Oh, and here's a real kitsch shocker regarding 70s TV in America: I had a crush on Kelly from the Mickey Mouse Club! Sshh, don't tell anyone...)
Have a great weekend.

PS: Give Atomic Kitten's "Really want to be with you" a listen. I know they sampled the ELO song "Last train to London" heavily, but I could swear it's the Mary Tyler Moore theme song in there, too!