Mar 26, 2010

Hot. Awkward. Random

C. (for Coloring outside the lines)

P. (for Pretty panties)

R. (for Reading is Fundamental)

N. (for Narcissism)

F. (for Fashion)

D. (for Donnie Darko)

V. (for Vagina, which he once had )

E. (for eek!)

O. (for Cousin Oliver)

M. (for Mathlete)

D. (for [look away, look away] Dixieland)

H. (for Hot)

Y. (for "Yes, Please")

M. (for Make your own fun)

B. (for Big Gulp)

mostlt by way of my own site(goldenfleecing) and the fabulous
sissy dude


Michael Guy said...

Preparing scrambled eggs shirtless is just so wrong but that book reader caught my attention. I've always been literate...

Anonymous said...

Preparing scrambled eggs is just wrong when you put them into a fondue pot.

ayem8y said...

Alice the maid and cousin Oliver in one post?

Mmm...cousin Oliver.

Mmm...cousin Oliver with pretty panties and penis pants.

Mmm...cousin Oliver with a vagina.

Mmm...cousin Oliver porn.

MJ said...

"E. (for eek!)" is obviously Ayem8y.

I'd recognize that firm ass anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I will take letter O for cousin olivier.

FelixInHollywood said...

Would love to see the inside of the Ciao magazine, especially "Photo Feature - The American Indian". Lots of naked Puerto Rican boys in feathered hats, I'd imagine.

Anonymous said...

"Y" for the win.

(That one shows how hot guys can be when they stop trying.)

Patty said...

Donnie Darko made me laugh so so hard!

Margaret said...

More Cousin Oliver twists:

Ur-spo said...

how silly fun!