Mar 28, 2010

four things seen today (and not photographed)

1. The same two young Mexican men I'd seen last year at Sam's: one cholo-like, the other with bobbed hair, in women's jeans, named, "Manuel." Manuel had dutifully filled up an extra large fountain coke for his man. They shared a straw, pushing out a cart filled to the brim with raw pork: chops, loin, sausage. Today, however, they were quietly shopping the discount shoes at Marhsalls.

2. A tattooed midget hipster, all of four feet, dressed like a lumberjack in plaid and rolled jeans, walking down Airline Dr.

3. An Arab family having dinner at The Texas Roadhouse. The father, one of the ugliest men I've ever seen: huge, pockmarked, unibrow....was dead silent.
His wife, clearly two decades younger, was equally quiet, but dark eyed and pretty, dressed in a black hijab, drinking sweet tea and eating a fried onion blossom. Their three sons, loudly played video games at the table, messily eating buffalo chicken wings, each dressed your standard Redneck camouflage ensemble.

4. A sixty something black man, tall and albino...striding across Tulane Ave., dressed in a burgundy polyester suit---an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful sight.


mrpeenee said...

You know they're all at the same bar together RIGHT NOW. Prolly.

Margaret said...

Nita and Zita paved the way.

MJ said...

A typical day in the neighbourhood?

Miss Janey said...

Jason should never leave the house without a camera.

Ur-spo said...

people are diverse, no?