Feb 27, 2010

Fairy and the Weed

The other day while visiting Michael, I decided to finally take a photo of one of the books languishing in his place for the past three or so years. He has boxes of them, still unopened.

It's a children's story about a Fairy and (some) weed.
Or maybe it's a biography, who can tell.

It was written by a family friend of his parents...a now deceased former nun and her spinster sister (?), I believe...you know, just in case the whole thing wasn't freaky enough.


larry said...

jason what kind of weed??? interesting....

jason said...

why a talking one, of course.

ayem8y said...

Those wonderful fairy stories that crazy deceased spinster nuns think up. Who would publish such a thing?

Did you read it?

It sounds,


Margaret said...

I just feel itchy and guilty and barren.

jason said...

oh, Margaret, don't feel that way. Fairies and weeds should only bring joy.

Mean Dirty: I did read it. It was, you're right...dull....especially compared to The Lilly and the Pirate!
How was she????

MJ said...

This book needs a good blast of herbicide.

Elizabeth said...

I'm sure there was some kind of fine moral lesson. In rhyme. Yeesh.

Not Grimm but grim?

Dean Grey said...

And the weed replied, "Indeed! Indeed!"

I'd love to read that book, Jason!

The illustrations looked really colorful, no?


Salty Miss Jill said...

The fairy and the weed. Two friends a girl should never be without.