Mar 13, 2010


Searching for a theme for today's utter mundanity, I can only think of one:
old stuff classics.
I guess I'm in a traditionalist mood at the moment.

I went to the newly opened Chik-fil-A, the first one in the metro area. It's hard living in a third world country here. One day I hope we'll be as advanced as Baton Rouge. I can only hope.

It was crazy busy, and despite the lack of refill on my diet coke (unheard of!), still worth it.

It's been 3 years since I've had a Chik-fil-A sandwich, I of course I got the classic. Fried chicken on a buttered bun, I mean really, how much better can it get?

Next stop was the bookstore, and on a whim, bought this book...discounted to 15 dollars.

There are even a few vintage pictures of the westbank in it.

Next on the trip were a few antique stores. In one, I found a perfect mirror, a 19th century repro of a Baroque mirror, but could not afford it. Left, but kept thinking about it the whole day after.

(semi-reasonable facsimile, see figure below)

Lastly, I decided to take my lonesome to see "The Last Station",
because I'm a costume drama whore and, hello, Helen Mirren.
Of course, she's fantastic. How could she not be?

The adorable Mr. McAvoy was an added attraction.

I really enjoyed it, though everytime I'd see the mirror in Tolstoy's parlor, I'd start to daydreaming again.

(talking about classics, aged to perfection there, huh? damn.)


Stephen said...

How about that body at 65 years old!

Margaret said...

Nice day! You'll find the right mirror, I just know it.

Michael Guy said...

I hate when I'm obsessed on some 'thing' I've stumbled on. Have you already picked a spot for the mirror?

larry said...

sounds like you had a fun day. that book is really cool! and who doesn't like hellen mirren!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those cross-hatched fries are something else.