Jul 29, 2008

Birthday boy

Today, I read, is Tim Gunn's birthday. His 55th, it seems.
(And he's a leo like me!)

(Off topic: You know the sad highlight of my own birthday was that Jennifer Lopez (with whom I grudgingly share the day) was listed as "40" on at least one of the official birthday lists I saw. I'm sure someone was fired for that, and by "that," I mean being accurate.)

But I digress. This is about Tim, not that bitch.

Anyway, a while back, Frontier Psychiatrist mentioned that he didn't much like Tim Gunn (I paraphrase).
I can empathize. I mean, I haven't always taken to him either. In the early days he irritated me. When I first saw him, he struck me as a caricature of the prissy gay man we all know, but as I've read interviews and seen him more and more, I've warmed to him and now like him quite a bit.

Much as Michael explained so eloquently, "I think it's just because he's so damn FUSSY. Makes me wanna squeeze him."

Apparently, we're not alone. So does Heidi. Here's a cute clip I've shamelessly stolen from Carlos

(Oh, and if you visit Vincent's site you can hear his clip of Tim saying "Holla at your boy!" priceless.)


Elizabeth said...

I kinda like la Gunn. He is fussy, but he's never mean. Heidi, on the other hand, scares the pants off me!

Michael said...

I called him during Season 1. Do you think it was actually his listed number? It was his voice on the message, but if I were some OTHER Tim Gunn, I guess I'd have that, too. All of this occurred to me AFTER I left a wildly inappropriate message. Come to think of it, is it worse to leave a wildly inappropriate message for the right or the wrong person?

Also, I can't believe I have a bevy of Tim Gunn ringtones now!

joe*to*hell said...

i bet he has a really messy house. he just has to be a wreck somewhere in his life.

Miss Janey said...

Love him. Too bad the lame first show of this season has turned MIss J off PR...

Christopher said...

I used to not care for the man so much, but then I read an article about him where he shared that he hasn't been with another man in YEARS...Like decades (I think) he said.

Apparently, the breakup with his ex (years ago) was so devastating to him that he couldnt deal with getting his heart broken again...so now he's forever single.

Breezy said...

Maybe he's dressed as Miss Havisham after hours and walks around in some meaningful outfit that brings back memories of his failed relationship? Just a thought.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

And no comments on Ms. Lopez? Her Wikipedia page calls her "the richest person of Latin American descent in Hollywood," which for some reason I read as "the nicest person of..."

So I think in addition to having everyone call her 39, she should have everyone call her the nicest person in Hollywood.

Just an idea.