Jul 19, 2008

It's a full moon.

And it's back.
That is all.


sam said...

that is fabulous! for about five minutes.

if i were you, i'd string up some garlic cloves and drape them around her door and see what happens.

i used to have some crazy old hag two doors down who said she always talked to the former resident who had died in the living room. i felt bad for dead old Irene because this bitch was cray-zay.

Michael Guy said...

From my former life (lifestyle?) a rather blonde, helmut-haired dowager "Gold Coaster" appeared before the condo board complaining and most fearful about the 'witch' living across the hall from her unit.

Turns out the ol' lady was a Buddhist and chanting her prayers.

But that's a stretch from your special cup of crazy next door. Yikes!

TJB said...
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TJB said...

Have you considered calling 911? Seriously. She may do some harm to herself.

On the other hand, you could just whip up some microwave popcorn, turn the sound down on "The Exorcist", and enjoy.

Silly Monkey said...

I've been thinking about you, Jason. One of the guys doing the tiling at my house yips, moans, howls, and yodels LOUDLY every 15 minutes or so. It startles me because I think something is wrong with one of the dogs. They're horrible sounds, and I imagine this is what you've been putting up with all this time.

jason said...

"One of the guys doing the tiling at my house yips, moans..."
Really now, Jason. That's pretty hot.