Jul 6, 2008

pickled boys

Here's a clipping from the November 1957 issue of Good Housekeeping, called "The Date Line: Facts & Fancies for the Girl in School" by Jan Landon.

This creepy little craft project lends itself to all sorts of sociological/psychological questions, doesn't it?
Like I wonder if Martha Steward had one on her teenage vanity? Heck, she might have one now.

I think it's due for a resurgence.
Whom to put up, that's the only question.
Anyway, it certainly looks more fun than those stupid sand bottles paintings we were forced to make in grammar school.

Found by way of kitschy kitschy coo.
Read more there from this issue of GH:
sassy put-downs like "Your mother must have bought you with Green Stamps," or the kinky craze of wearing necklaces made of clothesline, and the clever Midwestern pimping game called "the Fix-Up Files."


Miss Janey said...

Hmmm... Perhaps good for Halloween decorating.

ayem8y said...

Whom to put up? I say we permanently pickle George Bush.

jason said...

I don't want to see any Bush on my vanity.
He needs to be pinned to a wall.

mrpeenee said...

I say Sexy Jeezus in the post above looks ripe for pickling.