Jul 8, 2008

three scenes from the multiplex on a dull mid afternoon

"Two senior price.
'Sex and the City,' please."

Two white haired seventy somethings gigglingly go in.
They share a medium popcorn.

On the right, with his parents, a sullen looking young man looks distractingly like a young Andrew Shue.

They've just finished shopping for dorm supplies at Linens and Things, it seems.
All three sit together in front of me in "Get Smart."
Only the father ever laughs.

In front of me in the ticket line, a fifty something straight man, with gray hair and high waisted jeans, t-shirt tucked neatly in, braided leather belt and white tennis shoes.

"Ffft....can't wait fuh pay day, man," he laughs nervously.
The ticket seller says nothing.
He pulls out change from his pocket and a stream of nickels hits the pavement.
He scrambles to pick them all up.
(He's paying for the matinee in nickels.)

"One fuh 'Kit Kittredge,'" he says.
"Thanks, man."
The ticket taker says nothing again.


Colleen said...

Sounds like I just missed my last chance to see Sex & the City in the theater with any potential pals. Stupid fiance, refusing to see it with me...

jason said...

Ah...that's a shame. That's why God had to create the gays.

TJB said...

Don't they have Coinstar machines in New Orleans?

Andrew Shue...I'd forgotten all about him! Now I won't be able to get him (or his boxer briefs) out of my head for the rest of the day.

Silly Monkey said...

I'm sure if you're that poor, you can't afford the "finance charges" of Coinstar. ;)

I love that he's seeing the American Girl movie! LOL. Actually, I do want to see it because it's set in the '40s. But I'm going to find a little girl to go with me.

jason said...

And when Chris Hansen catches a predator, I'll have to use Coinstar for your bail, won't I, SM?

Michael said...

Ewww, that last vignette is creepy.
Because you described my dad? It's either the braided belt or the Tiger Woods belt. You know the one. Blerg.

Salty Miss Jill said...

I wish I had a pair of giggly old ladies to go see 'Sex & the City' with! Which reminds me...I'll go see it today.
What did you end up seeing?

jason said...

ah Miss Jill, I'd have rather seen Sex with the giggly old girls myself again, I think...than "Get Smart," which was pretty dull.