Jul 15, 2008

Big Lots, 2 pm

"I don't give a shit what my kids say.
I'm 63 years old and, yeah, he 49, but they can fuck themself.
I don care.
All I know is ever since I got with him...he a carpenter...things been gettin' done. You saw that new covered car-poht, I got?
Nice, huh?
Shiiit, and when he stop doing it, girl, I'm gone drop his ass."

"Yes indeed. Go 'head on."


TJB said...

It's as if they re-cast "Waiting to Exhale" with Moms Mabley, Fantasia and New York instead of Angela Bassett, Whitney Houston and Loretta Devine.

Elizabeth said...

Cougars are the new black (as in fashion, not people).

ayem8y said...

Go head on is one of my favorite phrases I find I say it all the time. "I'll see ya'll up there, go head on!"

Anonymous said...
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