Jul 3, 2008

dinner and a show

Tonight, Dennis and I went to The Country Club. I'd never been before, but heard about it for years.

Happily, or disappointingly, not sure which, it was not quite the Sodom I'd been led to believe it was. Not at all.
I'd heard the stories, and I'm sure they're all true, but it was very nice.
They've put a restaurant up front, and the food is pretty good.
We had dinner with a group of one of Dennis' friend's friends.

During dinner, I was flirted with awkwardly and shamelessly by a strapping young bartender from Hawaii with bad lower teeth and a labret piercing, a pleasant novelty to be flirted with by anyone.

At the head of the table was a very effeminate young man.
He was very excited. Tomorrow will be his first day as an official NOPD officer. He'd just finished the year long training.

"I just love the drama! I love everything, the bullets the guns, the ghetto!" he squealed...too adorable.

I had a nice dinner of duck confit and tasted Dennis' truffled macaroni and cheese, which was really good.

Then everyone went out to the pool and got naked.

Well, except us (Dennis and I) but of course, you knew that already.
Ain't no way you're getting this bluestocking old maid in such a place.

But we did have a looksee. I mean we aren't stupid .

The pool was really beautiful. It was lit from below and glowed softly in the dark. There were a number of very attractive...and a few rather unattractive...naked men lolling about in the dark corners, under the ferns...and one very pretty young woman, whose rosebud breasts all but brushed me in the dark.

All in all, a lovely evening.


TJB said...

I really need to leave the safe environs of my stone jungle and explore the rest of this great country. To go 32 years on this earth without ever having supped on a veranda is a crime.

I can tell you firmly and positively, however, that I would NEVER get naked in front of ANYONE, let alone a group, after having mac 'n' cheese, truffled or not.

Salty Miss Jill said...

This does sound like a perfect dinner and evening...and what a gorgoeus patio!
I do love how you write. :)

ayem8y said...

The Country Club of Sodom. Sounds like a nice place. Who do you have to f**k to become a member? Whose member do you have to f**k to join? Who do have to join with to become a Sodomite? Have a Happy 4th.

mrpeenee said...

Sweetie, back in the day, the Country Club was never the sex club it might have been, but it was a nice place to sit in the sun and swim and their Full Moon Parties were pretty frisky.

My friend Cow Queen redid the landscaping there and said he was very pleased with the results.

jason said...

Mr P: Well, it's quite a nice job. Give my regards.

Aye: Like any Country Club, it's all a matter of money paid. Even in Sodom.

TJB: I know...mac and cheese and nudity do not mix in my book.

Miss Jill: thank you!

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I'm intrigued by this Country Club.

And now I know what a labret piercing is. Thanks!

Who Really Knows said...

Well...at least ya'll went.

I pass that place all the time when I get down there...

NatureJockk said...

it was a better place before this new owner, Jay Sturget from NY,NY got it. Gay he is, gay the Country Club becomes less and less. Now it had people like the food critic and chef, John Fitzmorris on WWL radio talking it up. So a ton of fag hags and straight granny and grandpa folk go to eat. At least ONCE. Having been a yearly member for 20 years, I saw the great days, now, these are the days of FISH and chippers.