Jul 21, 2008


From what I've read, all the gays, it seems, are atwitter about Keith and his nipples on the new season of Project Runway.

But not me.
As is traditional for me, I'm rooting for an underdog, but not necessarily for his talent(though he does seem like he might have some with his plastic cup dress).
No, I think I've developed a little crush on Daniel:

Of course, I've only seen him in the first episode, but I think he's adorable.

The rest of you can have Nipsy McNipples to yourselves.

Today, actually, on Towleroad I read that he might be involved in a burgeoning romance on the show. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Before the series began, the guys at Project Rungay related Tim Gunn's comments about each contestant
Here's what he said about Daniel:

“He’s intense — not the workroom jokester … I called him ‘the sweater.’ As in perspiration."

Which only made me love him (and Tim for that matter) all the more.


TJB said...

Piercings alternately freak me out and fascinate me. Fascinate, as in bewildered curiosity, not sexual stimulae.

Many moons ago, I was highly embarassed (and slightly chagrined)when I was (politely) asked to leave the apartment of a newfound acquaintance when I discovered his strategically-placed piercing, and proceeded to, out of pure fascination, bat at it like a cat at a ball of string.

Since when has being vanilla become something to *apologize* for?!

jason said...

Sheesh, if he didn't want someone looking..and maybe even batting... at it...why decorate it? It's only natural to want to bat at it, I'd say. No one is quite as uptight as those who claim to not be "vanilla," I think.

Jim said...

And while you are obsessing over Daniel, I shall obsess over his alleged boyfriend, Wesley Nault. In trying to find a photo of him I did come across a blog entry that said exactly what I've been experiencing:

a fair number of people visited yesterday and today looking for information about Wesley Nault, the designer from Blackstone, so here’s an interview a colleague did after he watched the first episode. He talks a bit about the all-yellow dress he designed but, alas for the person who Googled “Wesley Nault short shorts,” he said absolutely nothing about the short-shorts he wore during the episode.

I am headed to the seamstress today to have all my shorts rehemmed higher.

Here's the link to the mentioned article:

jason said...

I saw that...he just might singlehandedly bring them back. It's time for the past the knee shorts to die anyway.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Sometimes I feel all alone with my vague dislike of Tim Gunn.

jason said...
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jason said...

Oh, I'm sure you're not alone at all. I didn't really take to him at first. It's taken a bit of time.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I've never seen this show and probably never will. Is Keith one of those with pierced, protruding nipples? That's always a huge turn off for me. Men's tits are supposed to be nice and flat with just a little definition. If you like big tits, go chase a girl. Plus he's got tattoos, more negative points.

jason said...

yes, JT that's Keith. It's interesting, however, that he and his nipples seem to generate more interest even here....when the post (in my mind) is about Daniel. Ah well, more for me.

Michael said...

Daniel is tres cute, but I'm with Jim in loving the shorts guy. ("Wesley," apparently, but it's too early in the season for me to remember their names.)

I've actually spent time thinking about why I love Tim Gunn so much (yeah, kill me), and I think it's just because he's so damn FUSSY. Makes me wanna squeeze him.

Michael Guy said...

I thought Heidi said it was all about the taint this season. Maybe I'm mixing my websites. Just saying.

PS - I am simultaneously intrigued and repulsed by nipple piercings but I feel much the same when confronted with rice pudding.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Knowing you share my love for dlisted, I'm sure you've seen this, but:


mrpeenee said...

oh, sweetie, no, no no, it seems your little heartthrob is putting out for the other skinny little one, Wesley, although they both look like they're skipping class for Nancy Drew Junior High.