Jul 17, 2008

gay people I actually like

One of my favorite gay couples is Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler. I'd known about Simon for years. I'm not sure how he first came into my consciousness, but now he seems to be everywhere. I've actually read all of his books, I think. He was a former window dresser who made his mark at Barney's. His best book, I think, is Confessions of a Window Dresser, which deals with, well, his life as a window dresser, but more.
He's funny, but never quite bitchy. I like that.

His most recent book, Eccentric Glamour was a bit dull, but with a good heart. "Girls, don't make anyone make you get a wedge haircut if you don't want one," as he says up there, and that is as good advice as any.

His partner, who is near my age, is the adorable Jonathan Adler a "young potter" (as Simon refers to him in his autobiography) turned decorator (or David Hicks revivalist?) turned celebrity judge (Top Design). One of the best sections of Simon's book talks about their meeting, and how shocked he was to find a younger man interested in him. Here's a clip of the two of them together talking about Jonathan's pottery.

Anyway, I'd love to have these two as friends.


TJB said...

I like them both, even if I find their sartorial style on the gaudy side. (Gays, particularly presumably sophisticated urbanite gays, seem to think that their homosexuality automatically guarantees that they will look utterly fabulous in fuschia, multiple patterns, and eccentric eyewear.) They're very well-matched, I must say, and seem like nice fellows -- and, yes, they would be great additions to a dinner party, n'est-ce pas?

Since I'm feeling bitchy and critical tonight, I'll also add that I think Adler's "See you later, decorator" ranks as one of the DUMBEST send-off's for a reality show, EVER. And that's quite a feat!

Muscato said...

Plus, they're pals with David Rakoff, which has to be a plus. Anybody who describes himself as being seen by casting directors either as "Jewy McHebrew" or "Fudgy McPacker" has to be fun at a party.

jason said...

"Fudgy McPacker." That alone would warrant a dinner invite, I think, MrM.
And TJB. I can't argue with a single point.

Elizabeth said...

Couldn't see the second video. I'm disappointed because Simon Doonan seems like such a sweetheart. I'll have to get "Confessions...." Sound like a perfect poolside read!

TJB said...

I also just noticed that Jonathan's tie is WAY too wide, and his knot (no phallic reference intended) far too large, for his frame -- something which always bothered me during his reality TV tenure.

Gawd, I'm a petty C-word!

citizen jane said...

They're both fabulous -- Simon is always guest-snarking on those VH1 retro-review shows and Adler, aside from "see you later, decorator" is a hoot. Anyone who names his dog Liberace is more than OK in my book.

Michael said...

I love Jonathan Adler, but never found him terribly sexy until just now seeing him throw pots. Unnggghhhh. And he's just Jewy enough.

jason said...

Michael: I know!