Jun 11, 2008

urban life

I've mentioned the wildlife in my neighborhood before, but there seems to be a new addition.

This afternoon, while walking, I saw, cliche of cliches, an alligator swimming by, all of 300 feet from my apartment. I live near the heart of the city. I think he was attracted by the still fresh carcass of a goose on the bank of the bayou.

Crossing the street I was nearly hit by a taxi, which are much more dangerous than alligators it seems.


citizen jane said...

And I thought only Florida had the wacky neighborhood wildlife contingent.

Those taxis. Hazards.

Miss Janey said...

Wow. Swamp critters! Miss J saw a coyote this am, but she was hiking in the woods so no biggie. Gators in drainage ditches and on golf course, a monkey in the White House... ya'll southern dwellers got us Californians licked by a country mile.

Michael Guy said...

What?! NO YOUtube alligator wrestling video?

Daddy needs a new pair of shoes. Size 9.5, please.

Silly Monkey said...

Wow. You get all the excitement, Jason! Here I am dying for something exciting to photograph, and you have alligators, film crews, speeding taxis...Renuzit holders in the hallway.

CableGirl said...

Lol... I'm with citizen Jane... I'd never heard of random gator sightings outside of Florida.

btw, I got to you through her blog.

jason said...

Welcome, Cablegirl.
I'm all too familiar with alligators, but it's rare to see one here in the middle of the city.