Dec 27, 2006

and a partridge in a pear tree?

Up here every morning I'm greeted with a fascinating array of birds.
Nearly every day lately I seem to see a few swans who've made their way down from what must be a nest a little way up the bayou. They're just beautiful.

Among the other birds are mallards, geese, seagulls and the occasional wild parrot, though I used to see more of those where I lived before.

The past week I saw a pelican diving into the water like a kamikaze. Beautiful!

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Silly Monkey said...

Isn't living near water great? I miss it. I used to love seeing pelicans and egrets outside on the dock at our Slidell house. And ducks would come up and eat the bird seed off the deck.

Now all I get are the mourning doves bathing in the shallow end of the pool.