Jun 4, 2008

neutral ground

This morning, I drove past, just to see if it would still be there.

It was.

I live in a highly lesbian area. It's wonderful. It's one of the reasons I love this place.

The other night watching HGTV (which, sadly, is pretty much the only tv I can manage nowadays) I noticed on their "House Hunters" that they were in NO.
A lesbian couple was looking for a new home. I thought to myself snarkily,
"Where? Midcity? pfffft."

And surely enough, as they pan to the happy couple walking around, I see that they're within walking distance of my home. I recognize the houses.

My snarkiness instantly evaporated, replaced by childlike excitement. "Oh my God, look, the lesbians on tv are in my neighborhood!"
But the views of the neighborhood were fleeting.

Anyway, a few months ago, during the (very ignored) Louisiana Primary, two of my neighbors (who live in a huge Victorian on the corner) were out on the neutral ground
("median" for the rest of the US).

They were supporting a six foot tall piece of plywood with "VOTE FOR HILARY!" spray painted in red on it. (By the way, I didn't)

They were frantically waving the six foot tall plywood sign (I wouldn't want to get in a fight with either, let's just say).

"VOTE FOR HILARY" has been leaned up against the Victorian porch for the past few months, getting bleached and warped by the elements.

But, as of this afternoon, it's still there.


mrpeenee said...

So did the House Hunting lesbian pick your neighborhood? Or was your hood the area they were looking to escape? If so, I call them ingrates.

Silly Monkey said...

And remember that girl we were going to meet, Jason? She was a lesbian, and she lived in mid-city. I had no idea it was such a lesbian haven.

I only know of two lesbian couples in my neighborhood, and ironically, they have the same first names.

Miss Janey said...

Well, Jason, after all it took Hillary all this time to give up. Perhaps her sign is endowed with her same stubborn streak.

Michael Guy said...

That spray-painted, plywood sign HAD to have been crafted by lesbians.

Just saying what's the harm of a custom-print PVC banner with sparkle-y tassels for visual impact? Grommets for neat and easy presentation included.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I'm guessing you can only manage HGTV nowadays because Gossip Girl is on summer vacation. Understandable.

The Hillary sign: poetic.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I've lived in or right next to two of the biggest lesbian neighborhoods in the U.S., Park Slope and Bernal Heights. I wonder where Mid-Cities ranks? It's usually good for finding reliable plumbers and mechanics.