Jun 6, 2008

random objects I'd like



A. Nude Paint-by-numbers (by way of Silent Porn Star.)
B. Fornasetti Rug (as seen in both Elle Decor and Fabulon)
C. Smeg (yeah, I know) refrigerator (as seen in Elle Decor and joe to hell)
D. Bic pen cover adapters. So handy.
E. That Zebra skin rug. (the sofa's nice too)
F. Darling pet monkey
G. Coke (bottles designed by various artists)


mrpeenee said...

Am I right in thinking the darling little pet monkey is wearing a darling little pet monkey car coat and matching scarf? Must have, I don't care if he's carrying rabies.

Silly Monkey said...

Oh, vintage nudie pin-ups! I'd like those, too.

I like the Northstar and Big Chill refrigerators better than the Smegs. If I EVER get around to redoing the kitchen, I'd go with the Big Chill.

Haven't you always wanted a monkey? :) And a green dress?

joe*to*hell said...

remember - not a green smeg!!!!

Dave said...

"Almost human with its warm eyes." I swear, that ad copy for the darling pet monkey is so beautiful I want to set it to music. And how convenient is it that the darling pet monkey "eats the same food as you?" No special trips to PetSmart for me. Just eat your Kraft dinner, Zippy.

jason said...

peenee: I know. Heck, I'd settle for having the darling little pet monkey car coat.

darling (silly) monkey: why did I know you already knew all about the Smeg. I looked up the "Big Chill" (stupid name btw, not nearly as cool as "Smeg") and you're right, the Big Chills are actually nicer.

joe: I prefer the blue Smeg. Danish preferably. bum dum dum.

dave: I know! Kraft does make a special monkey-chow mac and cheese however. It's pretty good.

thombeau said...


Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I want that monkey. Since Tugboat Dave is taken, I'll have to settle for that and probably will never know the difference. Hope it digs sushi and boca burgers.

Scooter said...

I want a Darling Pet Monkey!!!