Jun 19, 2008

Occasionally, I'll run into a craigslist's "missed connection" that makes me laugh. (Ok, often). Here's one:

Hi "H",
I just wanted to say you are one handsome African American man and a heck of a nice person. A pretty darn good waiter too. I am bi and rarely meet a man I'd like to get to know. Id be happy just knowing you because somehow I doubt you ever look at men in any other capacity but friends. On the off chance you see this and want to connect, no strings, just coffee and chat maybe or whatever please hit me back.

This one manages to be...at the same time...banal, offensive, pathetic, kind of creepy and hilarious.


Max said...

Tim and I read the Atlanta m4m missed connections to each other over breakfast every morning, believe it or not. Our theory is that 90% of them are a combination of loneliness, wishful thinking, and decent customer service ("You smiled at me when you gave me my change at Arby's").

We love the whole "tell me what I was wearing" command (so forceful!) and the way so many of them end with invitations to go out for coffee. Who knew that even personal ads could have tropes?

Dave said...

I was going to comment on that whole "tell me what I was wearing so I know it was you" thing too. It always makes me wonder if there's been a big problem with people trying to impersonate someone's missed connection. "No really, it was ME you made eye contact with at the Exxon station. Really! Don't you remember?"

Miss Janey said...

Miss J is MARRIED, and yet LOVES to read this crap. A reminder of how lucky she is or perhaps she's looking for that missive from Clooney...?

Hard to know how to take this- one the one hand its very complimentary. On the other... it's creepy. Esp. when you factor in the bi reference.

BTW- Aren't we through with that term "Hit me back" yet?

Michael said...

English prof in 018.........man..you are too damn hot...you ever want some discreet head......hit me up man

I'd suggest you make a little more effort with punctuation and spelling, no matter the forum, if you're hitting on an English professor.

oyster said...

I love how the "missed connection" narrowed things down by describing the man as a nice handsome AA waiter.

Oh yeah, that guy!

Are these things always so impossibly vague?

Michael Guy said...

Some days I purposefully dress with mixed-plaids so I'll recognize my very own "missed connection."

'...dude, Trader Joe's Tuesday night. YOU: looking at cookies. What is up with the stripes and plaid? PS- you are so fucking hot!'

okay. It's MY missed connection so I'm allowed to say "fucking hot."

Also: I am so OVER the term "...let's do this" in the 'men4men' section. Just saying.

Michael Guy said...

oh. shit.

"purposefully" seriously. W t F?

purposely. That's what I meant.

Anonymous said...

You had me at "heck of a nice person".

I've got to go have a cold shower now.

TJB said...

HOW could I have missed this phenomenon?!?!?

Add Craig's List to the sites I'll have to check regularly now. Goodness knows how many Missed Connections I've already...well, missed.