Jun 24, 2008

jumping the croc

I've been alerted to the existence of these signs of the impending apocalypse by Dlisted.
Yes, it's high heeled Crocs.


Anonymous said...

Damn boy, those'll go perfectly with my mumu and varicose veins.

TJB said...

These are debuting just as the Nora Ephron-helmed remake of "The Women" is awaiting its premiere.

When are the other 5 plagues going to hit?

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I love how the inspiration seems to have been Candies.

mrpeenee said...

I say if your heels can't be sassy, why bother?

nolageek said...

Holy croc batman! I just someone wearing these about 4 hours ago when I was leaving the metro station to come home!! I saw them and thought "what the hell, are those high heel crocs?? Naaahhhh"